What is the long game for the anti-vaxx?


Orthodox Inquirer
I know there is going to be a divide between secular anti-vaxxers and those on this forum, so to make things easier, only respond based on taking "the 2019 world is gone and not coming back" as given. Also, I've seen a few rando people pop up saying they are weakening and now consider taking it; but for this thread, assume, your interlocutors will never consent.

What is the long game here?


Same as my long game was before this mess. This is a symptom of a bigger sickness in society and is just the most immediate evidence of it. Even if a genie wiggled his fingers and we wake up tomorrow and COVID hysteria is gone and life did look like 2019 I'd still be making essentially the same move to get out. That would make things a little easier, probably, in terms of practicalities, so that'd be nice, but overall not a big change.

The passport is the problem, not the vax, and that's coming one way or another.