What is up with Fox News Channel?


That little snake Chris Wallace was the first to try to stab the knife into an independent candidate by interjecting himself into the presidential debate. He represents everything wrong with the media elite: He is of average competence, mediocre intelligence and low courage. But because he is the son of famous journalist Mike Wallace, he did what every spoiled son does who would not cut it otherwise in a meritocratic system: He used his family name to get a coprorate job and further his career under his father's shadow. Him and Leslie Stahl know each other very well, and those two spoiled children of rich parents couldn't stand the idea that Trump and his citizen-centric agenda would succeed.

Fox news is infested with the media elite, it is controlled opposition. If anything, I hope that people realize that the era of corporate news has finally ended in 2020, with the reporting and the polls being not even remotely near the facts. The future lies with independent journalists such as Tim Pool, David Pakman, Crowder and co. Sure all of them are deeply partisan, but at least they are honest about it and don't have pretensions of neutrality like cnn and fox.

"Wallace" my a**. That's a Scottish/Irish surname.
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