What Is Your Costume This Halloween?

What is everyone going to dress up as this Halloween? I'm probably going as a knight. For a number of years, I dressed up in a doctors coat and said I was a gynecologist.



I've been wearing this one for the last 2-3 years. It's simple and not try-hard and I always get a lot of compliments. When I'm talking to a girl I'll smirk and say something along of the lines of "every girl loves some juicy meat on her buns."


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Fauxchahontas would be a good option for a chick.

There's the whole "cultural appropriation" things to offend Useful Idiots.
Plus the reminder that Elizabeth Warren is one of the biggest "appropriators" around !


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Cr33pin said:
Going out as Chad Thunder cuck this Halloween...... same as I do the other 364 days of the year

Please make sure to edit your posts before posting. You had a HUGE misspelling here which greatly changes the interpretation of the post. Luckily for you I fixed it this time.

Sam Malone

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The local tavern i frequent is having their Halloween party later next week. I’m entertaining the idea of putting on a black suit and red tie and going as the Emperor this year.

I’d go over the top with the hair, some of that one day yellow spray in stuff. And would really get into character with the phrases and mannerisms.

“I’ve been to a lot of parties, let me tell you, a lot of ‘em, and this is one of the best parties I’ve ever been to.”

“So you’re not a fan of wine, Miss Pizza Slice Costume ? I can tell you, I have the best wine at my place, the best.”

“Look over there, there’s my African American friend.”

“I’ve got big hands, and you know what they say about big hands. I can guarantee you there’s no problem there, believe me.”

Lord help the woman dressed like Pocahontas.


I was going to be the Donald halloween 2016. I dont know if I would do it now that hes actually president. Some women have extreme illogical negative reactions towards him lol