What is Your Favorite Ice Cream? A President Biden Question.

What is Your Favorite Ice Cream?

  • Vanilla

  • Chocolate

  • Strawberry

  • Pistachio

  • Butter Pecan

  • Chocolate Chip

  • Other Fruit Based

  • Squid Ink

  • Cotton Candy

  • Coffee

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This is a serious poll-based thread to address your favorite ice cream flavor. President Biden has been hit with this hardball question several times now by the aggressive press and he seems to be consistent with it being Chocolate Chip. He didn't say if it was Mint based or not but I will get to the bottom of that and update everyone soon.

I figured as distinguished gentlemen we should also chime in on our favorites and hold discussion on this pressing matter. Additional important conversation concerning the future of the world is whether or not a separate refrigerating device is needed for cooling ice cream.

Press Secretary Reveals Biden's Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

Here's the Scoop on the New Joe Biden Ice Cream Flavor

This question is unparalleled by any other question asked of a political leader in charge of the strongest nuclear armed military force in world history. Its important and I expect this thread to be taken seriously.

I like Pistachio but I apologize for the lack of diversity in the answers only ten are allowed.
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I can't vote as rum 'n raisin is not on the list. Am not that mad about ice cream anyway, on a hot Summer's day, yes, but generally put other desserts ahead of it. So Biden is into chocolate chip then. He prefers a brown ice cream.. What is Trump's favourite ice cream flavour just to compare?

Reminds me of this video which shows a hard core conservative response to a silly question:

You're looking at this wrong. Can you not see that Biden, with his choice, is a reasonable, thoughtful man. Trump with his two scoops was a fiend who thought he could have it all. How do you not see the problematic nature in that?

Biden thought about the optics and consulted a focus group. He cares and isn't afraid to show it. That's a leader in action.





I used to like cherry and chocolate back in they day. Basically, it is just chocolate ice cream with tons of little pitted cherries added. But I don't really eat ice cream anymore, since they have changed the ingredients and it tastes like plastic now.


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I was at a fancy restaurant in Bangkok once that had made a version of khao chae where the rice in chilled fragrant water was replaced by icecream flavored to match that taste. Kind of a silly concept but that stuff was pretty good, though it was the whole dish that made it so.

I've also had some icecream with Laphroaig in it that was so good Joe would fight Corn-Pop with a chain to get his hands on a scoop.


A few years back one of the mass produced dairy companies here in my state created a Key Lime Pie ice cream that was very good. A limited summer production run, it was good, but of course it was a mass produced conglomeration with the requisite amount of artificial ingredients in it to dull the taste.