What is your opinion on kids sharing bedrooms?


I'm looking into houses to raise a family in. I was wondering if it would be beneficial to let your children share rooms? I want to raise my children with traditional family values.

When I was younger I shared a bedroom with my two other brothers. Which was too crowded in my experience. However my bond with my brothers is strong. It worked out for us, but that doesn't mean it will work out for my own children. We were brought up in an immigrant neighborhood and family was very present in our life. Kind of like Little Italy. This will fade away since I will be moving to another city.

What do you guys think?
I shared one with my older sister for a bit and she taped a line down the middle and made my life hellish for a few years.

If you dont raise entitled kids maybe it would work out. Perhaps boys together and girls together is a good setup? Has an Amish ring to it. I'd say go for it, save money, build a tighter bond, just make sure junior is having a good time.


I shared a room with my sister until she got older. Like till she was 8-10 I think. I think if you are a good parent, it will bring your children together in a way that living in separate rooms won't.


If you can afford to, give them their own bedrooms. Every kid needs "their" space now and then. They can bond in the living room/backyard/etc.


I don't have kids yet but I think it's a great idea. Mostly because it'll teach them manners and etiquette when dealing with other people, but also because it'll act as a safety net against lust.

It's pretty challenging to masturbate or hook up when your little brother is sleeping 5 feet from you. I know from my youth that having my own bedroom with its own computer guaranteed that I'd wrestle with lust. It was too easy to open up a porn site or invite girls over after hours. Both of those can be curbed by sharing a bedroom with another sibling. It doesn't have to be 8 kids packed in there like a barracks, just having two siblings share a room provides plenty of accountability.


I can only speak from my experience, my brothers and I had separate rooms but our three rooms were confined to the small second story part of the house. So we essentially shared a area but had our smaller space to retreat to. I think it was healthy for us to have our own space to retreat to when we had our inevitable brotherly squabbles. I think being crammed in tight spaces with people against your will breeds resentment. Even thought we had to option of our own space we would still sleep and play in each other's rooms/ I'm really tight with my brothers today, probably the best 'thing' my parents ever gave me


Let them share a room when they're young. They will take care of each other. When they get a little older (maybe ~12?) you can "upgrade" them to separate rooms. They will love it and hopefully be grateful. It's a good way to avoid spoil them.

Better than being born rich is getting rich.
If you have 3 or more kids, why not alternate.

i.e. A and B in a room, C in their own room.
Then the next year have A and C in a room, with B in their own room,
then next year A gets their own room and A and C share a room.
I'm in favor of sharing until puberty. At that age they will need some privacy. My parents did it that way and I think it offers the best of both worlds.


joost said:
Let them share a room when they're young. They will take care of each other. When they get a little older (maybe ~12?) you can "upgrade" them to separate rooms. They will love it and hopefully be grateful. It's a good way to avoid spoil them.

Better than being born rich is getting rich.
Wholeheartedly agree.

I shared a room with my brother as a kid. I thought it was great. We 'upgraded' at about that age.

I like the idea of same-sex room sharing only. I want my daughter to have some privacy from her brothers.

It also works better from a financial sense, if you have 3 kids you can survive with a 3 bedroom house in your early years (parents room + boys room + girls room). Then, by the time your kids are 12 you should be able to upgrade to a 4 bedroom house (savings/equity in your property).


Agree with Joost & PixelFree My two daughters are 3 and 5 and share a room with bunk beds. They love it and they are very close. We home school, so the wife uses the other bedroom as their school room... Works well. By the time they are 10 or 12, I will have completed finishing the basement, so more rooms will be available then.



I got lucky finding a decent woman to do this with. Even then, we dated for 7 years before I finally relented and decided it was time to marry. My only real regret is not having done it earlier - I'm about to be 44 - could have been much farther along. That's for another thread though...

I was against , because I was raised in a single room and so was my brother.
But then , I ve noticed that it is not a problem. This question was raised when the little boy we have was old enough to sleep in his own bed , he was crying to be alone in a room . Against all odds , his older sister accepted that he sleeps in the same room than her (it s a big double bed) and since then we have done it like this.
Most of the toys are in the living room anyway , so all kids usually don't play so much in their rooms.

De facto , we are renting , but we have one more room , which we don't need. I am working from there , or it s the guest room or when family is visiting.

So i would say yes, until they reach puberty or so.