What is your vitamin/supplement routine?


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So there are already a few threads regarding specific vitamins or supplements, however, (as far as I could find) there was nothing that looks whole regimes. So I've listed what I take and what I take it for (I've also linked existing threads where relevant), feel free to post your own regime/s.

Zinc - I did it specifically for cramping which it works great for! But it is also said to assist with other things as well, particularly "Peter North Loads" which I'm not sure I agree with haha
Fish Oil (Omega 3) tablets - I take it for mental clarity
Musclepharm Armor V (Multivitamin) - Expensive as hell, aimed at improving overall body efficiency, specifically the immune system. I'd say they do their job as rarely (like once in every 2 years) catch anything that's worse than a head cold
L-Theanine - for mental clarity and specifically when I need focus on something - ROK Article also mentions it as a cure to Approach Anxiety


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L-Theanine does nothing for me. I've taken it in mega doses too.

I take zinc, multivitamin, vitamin D, protein, and fish oils.


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Can't say I noticed much of an effect with l-theanine either.

I was taking it with my morning coffee and tried two different dosing structures.

But maybe the effects are subtle rather than blatantly obvious.



- 2 Liver Tabs
- 2 Mercola probiotics
- 1 Thorne adrenal cortex
- 5000IU D3 + 200mcg K1/K2 sublingual
- B12 (methylcobalamin) sublingual


- Thorne AM/PM multi (1)
- Zinc Matrix by reflex nutrition (zinc/boron/copper/mag)
- 2 brazil nuts + square of 85% dark chocolate

Late Afternoon:

- Fish oil (intelligent labs)
- Phosphatidylserene
- Mercola Liposomal Vitamin C

Before late afternoon training:

- 5g creatine monohydrate


- 2 mercola probiotics
- 1 Thorne AM/PM multivitamin
- Zinc matrix

Pre Bed:

- Magnesium oil

Occasionally I'll take some iodine as well (sski).


I think L-Theanine just works better for some people better than others. For me it's been the biggest game changer out of all the things I've tried. L-Theanine is the only supplement where I can actually feel it working.

For the guys who are already pretty extroverted and have no problem sparking up conversation at any time I think this may not benefit you much. For the guys who are a little put off by the daily grind of being social and having to endure mindless banter, I think this may be a game changer for you. It definitely makes me much more outgoing and willing to open up easier.

Having said all that, I do believe it all comes down to your attitude, because at the end of the day if you're in a shitty mood and don't feel like talking to people, little is going to help that. This is no miracle drug, but I do believe it helps, me at least.

Daily Routine:
Fish Oil
Magnesium Glycinate

Noopept / Vinpocetine / Aniracetam / Choline Bitartrate / Adrafinil (not sold on this one)

I'm still experimenting with the nootropics, been trying a few different stacks over the past few months, I'd like to find one that works the best and stick to it for awhile.


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I've started getting into a few routine supps lately.


I drink a mason jar of juiced vegetables and fruits that I make for the week every Sunday.
I put hemp seeds, chia seeds and maca in it.
I take d3, zinc/magnesium/calcium, fish oil, alpha lipoc with it. I'm experimenting with different zinc stacks.
I'm up to 400mg of Modafinil in the morning.


I'll take a small amount of Kratom as needed if I'm a little tired.


I'll occasionally make a shake: 2 bananas, milk, honey, cherries, almonds, goji berry powder, a little nutmeg all blended up.

I don't eat more than 2x a day. I try to eat eggs in the morning, with freshly ground coffee and maybe a cliff bar. I'll eat a salad or a sandwich in the afternoon, often with bread or some kind of carb source.

Been doing this consistently for about two weeks now
I'm still experimenting with it and still feel a little less energetic than I want during the day but my skin looks better, I'm happier, more productive, and more driven every day.
I have to look into L theanine.

I haven't ever noticed any supplement working but I got my best gains period using the following:

Sweetened almond milk and GNC wheybolic protein: best stats of all protein out there. Sweetened almond milk for insulin spike which helps the body rebuild. You can basically eat whatever you want post workout within reason if you get a good insulin spike Post workout. Not desireable at any other time. Universals torrent post workout tastes great and has creatine in it already but it's expensive. You can make your own high 1:2 carb ratio drink with creatine for much cheaper. I noticed less post workout soreness next day with this. Almond milk because milk fucks me up.

Beef liver tablets. Good source of heme iron. Best source of bcaas. Have to take ungodly amounts and the pills are large but I got used to them. Used universal brand uni-liver. 3x a day 3 pills, morning pre and post workout.

Orange triad multi. I used this religiously and jut like Cody said with musclepharm I have noticed I don't get sick nearly as often. And when I get sick it never goes beyond a mild head cold for a week. I used to get two bad sinus infections a year. Tried opti-men and animal pak and I didn't like them as much, and were more expensive.

Tried tribulus terrestrius once, I grew the biggest cystic acne pimple on the back of my neck I have ever seen. I feel like it worked but the side effects of higher test were fucking ridiculous. I'm 28 now, I may look into it again but I'm scared. That thing was a half dollar.

Fish oil 2x a day. Obvious reasons. Thinking about adding an omega 3-6-9 wonder oil. Got some in macau in pill form it's ok. Also I would like to start a zinc supplement when I return to usa. Or just eat fresh oysters on the shore once a week.

Been experimenting with excess vit a supplementation as a kind of acne suppressant with moderate success. Used to get cystic acne. Also been messing around with excess vitamin d, this is working decently too. I think a little extra vitamin d combined with zinc is gonna be gud.

That's my entire supplement stack. I may bring back creatine but I don't see much of a difference with it. Will try again now that I am at a lower bodyfat.

I don't do preworkout and don't suggest them. Every once in awhile I will do coffee. I don't listen to music, no distractions. Except sometimes I socialize too mch. I find ore workout gets me too amped and I can't concentrate on form.

Besides a solid multi, supplements are really just icing on the cake. The carb protein shake I described above works really well but that's basically the only time I use protein. Supplements do very little but i still like the little extra they do give.

I feel like fish oil helps my memory. I can usually remember quite a few things most people forget, and I'm a once a day toker in the us.


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Since fish oil seems to be a staple for many of us, does anyone know if the brand matters?

I know it's important for it to have a good ratio of DHA/EPA to fish oil in mg. But, that's all I know.

I take a Kirkland brand from Costco. I've also taken the NOW one. But that one I'd have to order online and it runs more expensive.


I used to take a lot of supplements but now I have cut down on the supplements I take as it was hard to measure any results from them.

Now I take zma, a multi vitamin and omega 3 as this is what I feel helps produce the best testosterone boosting results for me.

I try to eat at least 2 eggs yolks a day help get some good nutrients in.
I think brand matters.

I forgot my USA go to brand.

Wen I can get it I try to get wild caught Alaskan salmon once a week.

Stew Leonard's has king salmon, amazing but expensive.

Was going to buy krill oil but it was expensive and the smell was atrocious.


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Regular fixtures among various other nutrients from juicing/smoothies:

30mg Zinc Citrate
400mg Magnesium Citrate
3mg Copper (Cupric Sulfate)
1000mg L-Carnitine Fumarate
450mcg d-Biotin
250mcg Chromium Picolinate
665mg Curcumin

1.5 cups of milled Golden Flax Seed + 1 tbsp of Coconut Oil w/ Oatmeal
A shit load of Cooked Tomatoes
I take:

+ Multi - high potency - Swanson High Potency or Beyond Tangy Tangerine
+ Calcium / Magnesium - 1000mg/300 mg
+ Omega 3 1000mg
+ D3 5000IU
+ Amino Acids complete - 20 different ones
+ B12 - once a week at dose of 5000mcg
+ Vitamin C 2000-5000mg daily in powder form depending on my health status/ exercise routine / sex with strangers status / travelling etc. - can be as high as 10.000mg + when I am feeling under the weather
+ Zinc 50-100mg extra in addition to Multi - ups my boner strength / libido

In addition I take Ecklonia cava extract, which gives me boners that my 15 year old self hardly got. What can I say - I like to be a horny dog.


Twinlab DualTabs Mega Vitamin and Mineral Formula

From all the stuff I used this is the only thing which had positive effect on me, all other stuff I didn't even feel.


Magnesium malate (source naturals, 1-2 pills a day (daily dosage is 3))

Multivits (source naturals green , 1-2 pills a day (daily dosage is 3))

Zinc 50MG 1 tab a day (usually)

Glutamine 1/2 heap teaspoon usually when I stay up late .
Have narrowed down to a couple of non-negotiable ones I have been taking in the past month or so. (Anything else not listed I only take sparingly and not daily):

- Some kind of Omega 3 (whether Flax or Fish)
- L-Glutamine
- Kelp if I do not eat enough seaweed (I use de-iodized sea salt)
- Alive Multi
- Hawthorn Berry
- Goji Berry
- Magnesium Bis-Glycinate
- CoQ10 (Kaneka Ubiquinol Form 200mg daily until August when I will reduce to 100mg)
- Extra D3 (10,000iu) and Iron (24mg) every 3 days
- ZMA one capsule only taken to replenish when I ejaculate

These are geared towards any dietary deficiencies I have. If I eat more animal liver I could possibly eliminate the CoQ10 and D3 along with the occasional Iron as well. Working on it...


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I've cut back on my supplements in recent times.
But am still daily on maca and good quality fish oil tablets.
I've recently upped the maca to a second tablet a day and the change is quite significant.
I'm definitely hornier than I used to be and cum harder and longer than before.
Am assuming this is from the maca as it's the only thing I've increased in recent times.