What "really" happened to the state of Greece? (Hellenic Republic)


I'm no expert on the particulars of post-19th century Greece, but after looking at online articles and seeing "who" was involved in this project, it really seems like an Elite group of builders were pushing this forward as a form of cultural destruction. In the end, the former Roman Empire (which had preserved its culture faithfully, with difficulty under the Ottomans) became a Western client state, and from there transformed into a pagan Revolutionary republic. My guess is that from this point onward, the path became open for secular attacks on the "Greek" (formerly known as Roman) Patriarchate to begin in earnest. What do you think?


The intial objective of the Revolution was the liberation of Constantinople and the reistablishment of the Eastern Roman Empire.
The Powers of Europe vehemently opposed that end goal, prefering to establish their own small masonic protectorate, comprised of just Peloponesse and Athens. Their new puppet state was to follow the ancient pagan tradition of "democracy" and "philosophy" and ignore the Byzantine era as if it never existed.

There was a great ideological conflict at the time. Traditional Orthodox Eastern Roman Empire versus Modern European Hellenic Republic.
This is the crux of the matter. It looks like the latter has won, but there is still a remnant that we hope wil be used by God to rebuild our old empire.

After the first governor of Greece John Kapodistrias, a holy man, was assasinated outside of a Church on his way to Sunday Liturgy, a foreign catholic king was installed. His protestant cabinet subdued the Church to the State and a persecution of monasticism started, resulting in the closure of 400 monasteries.

The heroes of the revolution were imprisoned as traitors. One of them, Makriyiannis (try to spell that!), said that "if we knew what would happen to Greece, we wouldn't have fought". In short the revolution was co-opted by the Powers of Europe and through bribery, loans and ideological subversion they installed their own government.

That was part of the process of Balkanization that is still going on. They fear the unification of the Balkan Orthodox people under the banner of one Empire. That is why they still create new imaginary nations like "north macedonia", Kossovo and Montenegro.

It is a shame, because if there was no armed uprising the Ottoman Empire would have been seemingly tranfsormed to a Christian Empire within a hundrend years. The bureaucracy was all still Roman, all commerce was Roman, the Church was alive, the Ottomans were at their last legs. Without the Romans, the Ottomans couldn't run the Empire. All they were good for was collect taxes and briberies, smoke hasish and watch belly dancers.
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