What vaccines to give your children?


Having 2 kids with autism (1 from my first wife, and my wife now has one from her first marriage) i do think there's a link between the vaccines.

I would research the vaccines individually and not do any of the combos.

Nothing before 6 months minimum, but more likely 1 year old.

Future children we have it's probably under 5 things that are actually worth vaxing for.... And even those are debatable.

But again you have the Dr do individual shots not the combos.


To get back to the point, does anyone recommend a single point of reference, like a particular book, that would be a good source for a lot of information from the no vaccination side?
Something with a bit more information, a bit less rhetoric?

A bit belated, but the recent book Turtles all the way down is excellent:

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Also, the substack "amidwesterndoctor" is fantastic. The articles tie together the science, the politics, the medical profession, and the pharmaceutical companies on drugs and vaccines.

Here's one on infant mortality:


When the COVID-19 lockdowns happened and nonessential medical services were terminated (including the routine visits with pediatricians for scheduled immunizations), the vaccine safety advocates realize this represented a once in a lifetime chance to prove the immunization schedule causes infant deaths because there would be a brief period of time where the childhood vaccine uptake substantially dropped.

Although deaths for many segments of the population increased during the early days of COVID-19, one group instead experienced an unexpected decline in 2020.


Curiously, this decline was primarily found in children at the same age as those who experienced SIDS.