What Will 2023 Bring?


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What are we on trajectory for in 2023?


I posted this in another thread. One of my favorite twitter accounts to follow is @HarmlessYardDog . He has a lot of very accurate predictions just based on common sense and reaching out to the people on the ground/in the field.

He correctly predicted that 2022 inflation would be much higher than the experts expected due to talking to people in the finance industry.

Right now he has retweeted two predictions.

#1) 2023 will be the year of layoffs. It is expected to be the year of layoffs, so the prediction is more layoffs by quite a bit than the experts expect.

#2) The Fed can't afford to keep interest rates at 5% for very long and we might see interest rate cuts as early as late 2023 due to economic hardships and small business collapse.

Also, they expect the car industry to be hit very hard.


I will add, listening to a great podcast, things are so bad for the elites right now due to...

- Economic crisis on its way due to mismanagement of the economies across the west.
- Russia cripple the western economies with energy prices.
- Unrest across the west due to energy prices, working conditions, mass immigration, and a much lower standard of living
- Violent crime and atrocious behavior from BLM supporters starting to spill the ghetto into the upper middle class.

I think the very last thing the elites want right now is another 2020. If there is a virus, they will probably try to cover it up and pretend it isn't happening. If BLM try to riot, they will try to shut it down. They are already letting the system arrest and charge Antifa. We hear less and less about BLM as LGBTQ is the new golden child.

I think the elites are now in full panic mode and trying to figure out how to roll things back and not step on their own foot. Too many people have noticed and talked about the current situation and the last thing they want is more reason to get the people asking questions.


I see that SilverFox has not been paying enough attention. Downvote yourself lad.

In any case I expect another false flag in the scale of coof or nuclear attack, something to really grab us by the balls. Otherwise their beloved CBDC will fail.
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I am optimistic. No particular hard evidence. Everyone I know seems to be feeling optimistic too. There's a general atmosphere / feeling out there (at least within my own experience). Covid 19 is well and truly over. I think it'll be like a spring bouncing back: maybe a big economic boom.
Nice! I should try taking this view! My present take is that things will get stranger and continue to unravel. I was super happy about the abortion ruling and thought (still think ) this is a great sign for blessings from God. But, I think our opponents have something up their sleeve with that one.

Its interesting watching them slowly putting pieces into place. They are well aware that Catholics are traditionally strongly against abortion (this guided the justices who helped overturn Roe vs. Wade). But check out the latest happenings and how they write their splashy headlines:

CBS News: "Vatican defrocks anti-abortion U.S. priest Frank Pavone for "blasphemous" social media posts. "

It's all there to help them set the tone and program thinking of people. I think there will be more moves soon to make it seem that the religious consensus is for a "nuanced" position on abortion, and frame those of us against abortion as unhinged extremists. Whether they manage to make much progress legally in 2023 I'm not sure. But I do think we are going to see some more weird stuff from churches regarding abortion. We will also see more weird stuff in churches with sodomy.



I am optimistic. No particular hard evidence. Everyone I know seems to be feeling optimistic too. There's a general atmosphere / feeling out there (at least within my own experience). Covid 19 is well and truly over. I think it'll be like a spring bouncing back: maybe a big economic boom.
Maybe I'm too cynical but why would I want an economic boom? It will just attract more invaders, and life will become more unaffordable as cost of living rises outpace salary increases. With a college education and an engineering job, I cannot afford a house in the region my family has lived in for over two hundred years, with myself being the sole income earner. First generation for that to be the case.

Nobody starves in the event of a recession in my country. Traditionalism would make a resurgence to a degree. Repentance would likely increase. On the other hand with an economic boom, what, Hollywood can afford to make more superhero movies? We can finance more endless wars?

The US has a lot of potential that is being kept from us due to decadent reasons. I have the skills to build a house - I've renovated houses and built a garage while earning 15 dollars an hour - but the land is kept from me. I cannot be a “homesteader” like previous generations. If I went into uninhabited forest and built a cabin, it would be torn down at a minimum for not being up to “code,” meaning I didn't pay tribute to the bureaucracy, and I'd probably be imprisoned as well. I am not allowed to raise chickens in my municipality. Yet people flock here for handouts, leaching off the “surplus” of my paycheck. They'd be forced to stop some of that nonsense if the “economy” got bad enough.
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Former Russian president and Putin's 2nd in command makes 10 wild predictions

(Numbers 2 and 5 and 6 seem the most unlikely & downright crazy to me...the rest are all possible, but not within 12 months.)

It's one thing to joke, it's another to be a total clown. So weird (and sad) from a head of state. I understand that this is for consumption of a particular english speaking audience but even then.