What's the oldest age a woman can be for you to seriously consider pursuing a relationship?


It varies from woman to woman and city to city, but at some point you have a dangerous cocktail of (1) too many cocks, and (2) her biological clock. The former makes her jaded and uncaring, the latter makes her manipulative and desperate to lock you down. Now, I'm still physically attraced to women past 30 but I know not to judge the book by the cover.

30 is a good rule of thumb in a large city; in smaller places you might want to cut that off earlier.

The other thing that happens with people as they age is they find themselves, or they become more comfortable with who they are. So a lady who likes cats might go out and get six of them. People who have some sort of mental illness indulge it instead of hiding or repressing it. So you wil find some real characters out there in the 30+ single category.


IMO social media/dating apps etc has drawn a pretty big line in the sand with the generations for compatibility.

If you are an older guy that is a huge headache to deal with a younger women unless you are a social butterfly or you find a rare gem.

Older guys who claim that 30yo man should date only 20yo girl don´t really know anything about 20yo girls of today.
It doesn´t matter if it´s 18, 20, 22 or 24. I did it all (younger and older). Thanks to social media and culture, the most of the girls are totally toxic, so sometimes I feel more like falling into 30-something reasonable woman, who takes care of herself well and lives with some self-respect. And surprise, I live in Eastern Europe, so called paradise of unspoilt virgins willing to start a family... no.

I met probably hundreds of girls and women during past years. Between some of them was 20 years difference. I would generalize them into these groups (maybe later I can think of some more):
- Fatty teens (16-22yo) - They are not genetically bad equipped, but they were born after 2k and they have never experienced life out of social media. They never even tried to run or do some physical activity. That fact affected their body, they usually do have big butts and too much extra fat. They never smile on photos and they use a lot of make-up (the same style). When you see them in a group, you will realize they all weat the same clothes. They don´t have very high self-esteem and enjoy destroing their bodies with alcohol and drugs.

- Daddy´s princess (18-26yo) - These girls were granted with very good genes, that allows them live easy life based on their looks. They usually come from wealthy family and takes everything in life for granted, including luxurious lifestyle. Their only fulfillment comes from materialistic stuff and they seem to be quite unhappy with their life. Insta-influencer life may be option.

- Insta-influencers - These are something between or made of previous two. Everything in their life is based on online social networks. There are no values outside their world than attention they can get on social networks. Quality of looks and genes may vary, as well their life-style.

- Fat and ugly girls - They have got nice personality

- Feminists - The same as previous, but without nice personality

- Basic girls (22-32yo) - This group is super tricky and most common. On the first sight, they seem to be good match. Look is often satisfying (when you are not searching for model), they have decent sexual history (in good cases) and they are easy to get around. BUT. They life is misery of mediocrity, like if you put all the other types of girl to mixer and blend it together. A little bit of wine, some parties, corporate job, some insta-whoring (something between tits and christmas decorations). Often they are foodies and their idea of relationship is watching netflix and having expensive dinner from time to time while living on budget. They often eat cakes for "for reward" and takes photos of them. Average girls for under-average guys.

- Wine girls (26-34yo) - Very similar to previous type of girl (usually it was their pre-evolution state), but their once a week "wine o´clock" with her basic friends became every evening drinking problem, because they had switched from reward cake to reward bottle of wine and now they are on downward route of alcoholism. High notch count is inevitable because of complete lack of self-respect.


Yeah as I'm getting older I find much younger girls incredibly shallow and boring to be around. I'm 30 now and kind of get along best with girls over 24 years old. They've just finished college, have their first jobs, starting to get their shit together, looking to settle down.
Im 35+, dating a 23y old now in a non-western country where this is totally normal. She wants a long term relationship with me and I can see it as a possibility. It’s a bit tricky dating younger, they have so much stuff happening in their lives and they struggle with finding things to contribute to the relationship. You do the money, the dates, the house etc, they are young and cute. I can’t blame them, when I was their age I didn’t have my shit together either. I’m okay with this though, with the hope that they will grow into the relationship and learn to contribute a bit more...

I would draw my line at 29 in the west, but in non-western countries at 26 as my market value is so much higher there...

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Now in a relationship, but my range was 24-30 as an early/mid 30s man. As noted in a big city filtering to basic quality women gets rid of the vast majority of options. My girl was on the older end, but is feminine, comes from a good family, low N count and takes care of herself.

If you are late 30s or 40s an early 20s woman is going to be fairly hard to get and candidly miserable to be around even if you did.


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I'm in my early thirties.

In the US, around 24/25. 25 being she is absolutely perfect genetic material, clearly going to age like a supermodel, complete wife personality. I couldn't go over that because I can't stand the though of not getting the majority of my wife's 20s.

Abroad? I doubt I would go over 21/22. I definitely want her to be "college aged".

Youth just turns me on so much. I feel it is so romantic to get the entirety of my wife's 20's-all for myself.
I noticed older or chubby girls have the best personality. They are pleasant to be around with in most cases because they know how life really works. I'd say 26+ years of age and fat girls have experienced enough emotional turmoil that they know it takes two to dance tango. Younger (college aged) girls around 17-21 of age are insufferable most of the time. Some are too self-absorbed, inexperienced, and arrogant to handle, so it's hard to find a good one but they are out there.

I'd avoid college gals entirely because they have the masculine imperative in them and view men as secondary (or lower) priority, at most as a citizen dildo. Exceptions can be girls in humanities; subjects like music, linguistics, psychology, sociology and the like attract more feminine girls and they can be quite pleasant to be around with and won't bore you with boring conversations.

The more simple goals a girl has, chances are she won't get on your nerves and won't see you as a competitor and rather as a complementary and Führer.

My rule is never a girl older than 24, but that's too ideal given most have horrible characters to deal with, so I might take one who is older to have a family with. Realistically speaking, as much as we want to have a virgin waifu not older than 21 AND a solid character, chances are you gotta go to some rural village in Siberia. If you are not willing nor able to do that, you gotta compromise big time or become a hermit.


I'd avoid college gals entirely because they have the masculine imperative in them and view men as secondary (or lower) priority, at most as a citizen dildo. Exceptions can be girls in humanities; subjects like music, linguistics, psychology, sociology and the like attract more feminine girls and they can be quite pleasant to be around with and won't bore you with boring conversations.

This is an important point that is under-discussed on this forum. Too many women are masculine-ized these days. Seek out women in professions like nursing, teaching, care-giving, the arts, etc. Screen out soldiers, correctional officers, lawyers, etc.