White pills relating to the women question

I dunno, I think you just black pilled me given that I'm 32yo and missed my window of opportunity for finding the right woman. Don't say date young because unless you're dating your dad's friend's daughter you knew growing up or something, most young women won't give 32yo men a second glance, only the sugar babies do.

You can date younger women in the West, even with a 10 - 12 year age gap. Many men do it. I'm just under 30, and I regularly get positive interactions with ladies 18-21. I am not a Chad by any means.

A quality woman responds positively to a quality man being a man doing what a man does. One does not need to be authoritarian, he can be authoritative, so long as he is congruent in words and deeds.

Your prospects with younger ladies are improved at age 30, compared with at 21 - exception being an early bloomer.