White Russia (Belarus) 2020 elections


So the EC passed some bullshit resolution, and declared they won't recognize Luka after October...

But it's down to independent European nation states to choose to follow that or not...

And Belarus isn't an EC state anyway, so they can worship President MILf all they want and go fuck themselves because Luka's got the protests under control AND Russia in his corner.

I'm not a diplomat, but that's about it, right?
Yep and the fact that for a resolution to be carried it must be unanimous.
Cyprus won't vote for it because of a spat with Turkey that they want sorted.
It's all handbags at dawn "Hans Blik" from the EU - Luka, Putin and the Turks must be wet with laughter.



So I was just listening to some music on YT, and an ad popped up, that was a clip from a news report on people dialling emergency to complain about issues relating to Lukashenko...

Pretty significant investment.

No prizes for guessing who's got the tab.

Sick of these cunts.


Also, the Belorussian Wikipedia in Tarashkevitsa orthography (the preferred variant used by zmagars) outright calls Tikhanovskaya President:

milf whore.png

The German Wikipedia's article about her also calls her "Swjatlana Zichanouskaja" rather than the correct "Swetlana Tichanowskaja".


This disgusting cunt's face pops up in the news feed whenever I open my browser here...

To think she has popular support.