White Russia (Belarus) 2020 elections


I'm in Belarus ATM...

I think your apply a trait of a small number of people onto many.

The guys I've met haven't come off as perculiar.

I agree about the first part... the 'regime' BS is overblown.

I guess that's easy to say as a foreigner. I guess if you're a broke local normie you just see a guy who's looted the state and pissed off the world.
Let me be clear, my experience is with Belorussian immigrants. It could be a different story for those who remain.


Another detail about Belorussian immigrants that I forgot to mention: they tend to have a suspicious amount of money. As in, they work much less (or don’t work at all and are not criminals types) than other Eastern European immigrants. They strike me just like American trust-funders do; hedonistic, aloof to social matters, faithless and pleasure seeking. And they support the Belorussian uprising in unison.


[I don't know which thread to put this in, so I'll just put it here...]

I just had the most eye-opening chat with a girl here in Belarus.

Apparently school pupils in Belarus a subjected to 'Christian classes'...

They teach girls how to be a good wife and mother...

They have military classes for boys......

"Can you imagine? By FIFTEEN boys know how to use the gun!..."

Truly hellish...

Boys in the US/UK are being tutored by Youtube on how to paint their nails and wear mascara... as they SHOULD be, right??

And the LIES about covaids!

87 year old women have been dropping dead... and not a PEEP from the media!

Apparently there's been a crisis in the hospitals... doctors dropping dead because there just wasn't enough PPP...

She even knows a friend, who knew of TWO doctors who died...

And one was in his SIXTIES!

So because of the stupidity of the government in not taking this worldwide health emergency seriously, demolishing small business, placing people under housing arrest and driving people to suicide... people... err... died.

I can only hope true democracy is brought here STAT.


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Let me be clear, my experience is with Belorussian immigrants. It could be a different story for those who remain.

Immigrants are a small percentage of the country, and a high chance of being dissidents. They are not representative, they are just recruits for globohomo.