Who do you think will win the 2020 US Election?

Who will win the 2020 US Election

  • Trump

    Votes: 223 84.5%
  • Biden

    Votes: 41 15.5%

  • Total voters


A bunch of Increasingly Nervous Men, just like this time four years ago on this forum.

My prediction is sometime this week we’ll start hearing about “tightening polls” and also more talk from leftist about rioting should Cheeto head win.

But CNN and MSNBC have reliably informed us that Trump is going to lose. And some people on Twitter.

I am an expat and don't consume MSM so I just base my opinions on the 2016 results, current polls and recent events (6 months of left wing riots, the Dems nominating a senile criminal, harsh COVID lockdowns by leftist governors in MI and PA, etc.). I suppose it could be the case that everyone there has bought into a warped Wikipedia edited view of the world. In that case, Americans will deserve that they get.
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I bet a couple hundred that Trump is going to win PA. A bit more risky but I'm fairly confident he will carry the state again. I think he will win Florida too. I'm not as sure about the other Rust Belt states he flipped in 2016.

Max Roscoe

Hey no way. Turd Sandwich is loads better than Giant Douche and you are a racist if you say otherwise!
Giant Douche Bad! Its very important everyone reading this votes Turd Sandwich, your life depends on it.



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A pollster that predicted Trump's 2016 win is forecasting a win in Michigan and a win overall.

I read, I think in a National Review article that Trafalgar is using new methodology unlike many pollsters that are not accounting for unknowns like the "shy" Trump voter. Not sure if this makes a difference but they also seem to post their methods and statistics unlike some of the others which is nice. I'd be interested to know what some of the others think about them.
Yeah, funny that the news media has to shove all these asinine polls in our faces each morning, yet even the Kenyan Muslim Gay Mulatto can't even fill a rural high school gym with supporters for his endorsement and less than that. I imagine it will be close in some states, and I'm sure the left will pull out all stops to cheat like hell since it's all they know.

I'm not sure about senate and house races. I'm in Texas and voted straight Republican for senate (I hate Cornyn though), Texas Supreme Court, and ones like the sheriff. My house seat was not up though and the state representative was unopposed.

Of course, I'm sure Team R will be more than happy to piss away the uses of a majority Congress and president just like they did in the 90's. It's clear that even most of Team R are self serving grifters that hate American citizens as much as the Democrats.


I can understand voting for Biden out of irrational vitriol and hatred for Trump.

I cannot at all understand voting for Biden because one genuinely sees him as more qualified.

That's the problem with a 2-party system. You only have 2 choices, so if you don't like one, your only choice is to vote for the other one. Basically, you're voting for who you dislike the least.