Who do you think will win the 2020 US Election?

Who will win the 2020 US Election

  • Trump

    Votes: 223 84.5%
  • Biden

    Votes: 41 15.5%

  • Total voters


Who cares if they lock his account. The word will still get out about the election results. He'll be on TV giving speeches and all news networks will be showing it live.

Because the news networks can and will do this:



Because the news networks can and will do this:

CNN and Fox News both aired his speech last night that came on around 2am. I don't know about MSNBC since I'd never watch that.


Let me make an argument for a landslide for Biden.

1. Demographics: Non-whites won't vote for Trump. They are, as a whole, stupid. It's why their countries are so terrible. The stone cold truth is there are less whites in America than in 2016. Trump needed to stem immigration in those 4 years, but he didn't do it. More white boomers have died and more non-whites have come to the US.

2. Media / Big Tech Censorship: The media and big tech has completely clamped down on any negative press for Biden/Harris. In 2016, they let the Clinton email story run. Major alt-right/light accounts and news sources like InfoWars and Molyneux were free to post what they wanted. In 2020, every influential right-wing celebrity has been purged, de-platformed, or silenced.

3. No Bannon or Stone: Bannon and Stone are brilliant. They know how to run a good campaign. They tapped into the populist anger in 2016 and ran a positive campaign, which culminated in An Argument for America. Trump stupidly got rid of both of them, and now his campaign seems lost, with KVANKA running it. It has no unifying message. It has no home run campaign ad.

4. COOFID: People are stupid. That's the fundamental principle that you have to understand. They see COOFID numbers on the rise and they blame Trump. They think he's "anti-science," or they just loosely associate the pain they felt from COOFID with Trump.

5. Mail in Voting: From some reason, the Republicans didn't push back on mail in voting, and predictably, the left is using it to cheat. They already cheat in places like Broward County. Do you think the dumb somalias, or the dumb blacks, or dumb mexicans, or the dumb asians won't cheat? Of course they will. Honour is a European concept. We already saw how it works in Minnesota. You pay dumb non-white people to vote and you harvest their ballots. You pay dumb non-white truck drivers to dump any Trump ballots. Rinse and repeat. You ignore it until you win, and then you denounce it as a racist conspiracy theory.

6. BLM: Women are dumb. They think trump is a mean racist. The BLM protests has converted a lot of dumb women to vote for the poor 3rd world hordes. Also, there are many dumb women who are afraid of further riots if Trump wins.

7 People are stupid: People are stupid. They are not smart. There are more stupid people than there are smart people. The average IQ has been steadily dropping over the years. Think about it. Our most popular thinker right now is Joe "DMT" Rogan. The face of the US and the west is no longer what it used to be (smart, white WASP). It's a mutt creatura, which is a blend between a short, globina Hispanic and a fat, WAP black. ALL of these people will vote Biden/Harris because that's what their corporate overlords told them to do.
Huh, wasn’t a landslide for Biden, but all of these reasons played out.