Who wants to chat on Skype (self improvement/mastermind group/general chat)?

There's nothing like seeing someone and hearing their voice and really interacting, and getting to know people opens doors. If anyone wants to chat on skype let's do it. It doesn't have to be skype, but skype seems like a good option.

We can talk about anything really, but maybe self improvement or some sort of mastermind group type thing could be a good start.

Ideally I'd like to have 3 people chatting at a time, as it would help the conversation flow.

Send me a message if you're interested.


Like the idea, indeed there's nothing like real conversation (preferably in the flesh, sitting or walking somewhere in nature), but I'm not ready to facedoxx myself on this site, and I doubt I ever will be. Party pooper, but tbh membership to places like this is dangerous.


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When this forum had a different goal, there were a lot of guys that met up in person, became friends and created a circle of trust. Eventually the forum changed. However, that circle is still out there and I'm lucky to be a part of it. The thing is that this circle has gotten stronger and further reinforced its relationships, thereby losing interest in letting new people in. Over time as the forum changed, it also attracted elements from those that really did not fit in to that circle due to their values (or lack thereof). Life has also changed for a lot of us. Many of us do not see pursuing multiple women as a goal any more and also don't align with the current religious targets of the forum. So the traffic is lower.

While I hate to say it, it's just unfortunate for new guys getting started here. Me, I'm happy to help through PM but am cautious of anything more.
All I'm trying to do is create a community of people who can chat, talk about ideas, and help each other whenever possible. I just had the idea today and so it's just a concept right now. If this works, let it become whatever it's meant to become.


There was once a discord group setup for a similar idea. I don't think it exists anymore, although, I can probably pull it up now that all our private messages are back. The idea is good, but, even though I'm relatively young, meeting up in person is still my preferred method of doing things. Not only is it more personal, you can really tell who you are talking with and if he is line with the things he says or posts on the forum. Also, you don't run the risk of being recorded and exposed in person.

I'd say make a group chat by invite only where people can share everything you mentioned without any video and anything above that can stick to the old meetup way of doing things.

Just my two cents.


Ok fine join my forum, link is in my signature. I can create a private section. I'm just disappointed at the lack of interest.

It's a good idea. And like cobra said these groups do better with fewer members and a tighter focus. Be happy it's not attracting a lot of interest now as you would just end up with a lot of conflicting interests and people who don't match. The slower more careful build-up and evolution of something like this is good. I also agree with Oz that keeping it more exclusive, strong filtering with invite-only is better than allowing anyone to sign up. If its a self-development group you will get more use out of sustained long term connections. Quality over quantity.

You can build such a group totally private though invitations of people that you select yourself.

I'm interested in this also but only if it's a small group with good chemistry and members are generally on the same page.
There can be many small groups like this each with its own character and ideas about life.
Like the army split up into smaller squads that can function by themselves and stay manageable.
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I really like the idea. Instead of Skype one could use Wire, which is an encrypted and simple open source Skype replacement. I used the quarantine time to connect with a lot of old friends that are abroad.


I'd recommend a Discord Server as it can contain many members, but still have small groups within the whole. You can make multiple 'sections' kind of like a forum. They can either be Text Only, Voice Chat, or Both. That way you can have focused discussions with only a few people instead of twenty guys talking at once. If you really want to see someone's face, then you could move over to Skype. Don't know how secure Discord is, but it's super easy to use.


Matrix (distributed, see riot.im for an example web client) is preferable to Discord in terms of security (not just from the government and "hackers", but also from the organization hosting the chat), but is far less popular and can be intimidating to some people.


I'm interested as well. Been reading the forum for a while, but am not very good at writing up long, meaningful posts like everyone else seems to be. Speaking back and forth or sending short, quick messages would be nice.


Maybe I am interested. But I must admit, that I am not oriented as the new forum direction is (speaking about religion). Also English is not my native language, so live communication might be challenging for me.
Here's a photo of some of the people who are interested so far. As you can see, they're cool. While all the nerds and normies are discussing the news, here we see the cool gang talking about travel, crypto, self sufficiency, investments, self improvement, entrepreneurship and all the other topics that you'd expect cool people to discuss.

If you want to be part of the cool gang, let me know. I guess I'll have to take another group photo.