Who will be the next Trump?


A military officer, maybe in the navy. He gets famous by winning a naval scuffle with China in the South China Sea and uses that to propel themselves to a political campaign. We desperately need a American Napoleon.
Likely another celebrity who turns to the right after having had enough. I mean heck, say someone with viral popularity that gets into politics and goes to the right after initially seeing the left. Maybe a former WWE Star, someone like Joe Rogan or that type of personality, a Dana White, or a figure like Sam Harris.

We would need a voice who is viral in our generation to stay that way and then run for office. Someone dominating news headlines right now in entertainment.
I'm not too concerned unless it's someone who can end globohomo in America, end these foreign wars, and stop the abortion praising in the nation.

Would Ivanka be better than Hillary? Probably, but she would likely be a stooge for the NWO as well. Maybe I'm nuts but at this point , but I might be down for Alex Jones at this point. Even someone like Rand Paul would likely seem to succumb to the globalist tricks.

As we can see from Biden's early cabinet picks, it's going to be establishment clowns as usual for 4 more years.

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Jocko Willink?

He's not really that right wing in the traditional sense. Jocko is more of a standard conservative. The problem with Seals and military veterans like this is that the neocon establishment has a way of co-opting them. Dan Crenshaw for example is an outright shill for ziocons who looks good on paper if you never heard his policy positions or heard him talk before.

I think a lot of Seals and other distinguished military men are conditioned (unfortunately) to be yes men to the establishment at the end of the day. They are hand selected for duty and loyalty.

Duty and loyalty doesn't necessarily mean duty and loyalty to the broader concept of U.S. nationalism or keeping the integrity of the nation along traditional values. A lot of those traditional nationalist concepts are taken over by the establishment and used for their own propaganda purposes. What happens is that these men who value duty and loyalty just end up being enforcers of the status quo...and they end up viewing patriots as the ones subverting the nation.

In the end they will be more than happy to turn their guns on anyone who challenges that.
If Trump pardons Edward Snowden, I could see him potentially getting involved in politics (if he is elgible). He would be an interesting candidate because big tech was generally pro-snowden in the past. It would be hilarious to watch them now villify and censor him as a Trump pardon and, wait for it.... “alt-right” figurehead. It would be interesting how the vote plays out with him, because I know there are contingents of both parties that would likely defect to support him.