Why are there so many White-American women in U.S. universities?


The obvious answer is feminism. American women have been groomed from an early age to disdain motherhood, masculinity, and their feminine nature. University is the perfect place for young American women to complete their full transition to androgynhood.

Really college would be a great time for these women to find future husbands.....but nowadays the college days are spent riding the carousel.

Education of women.....

Declining birthrates/marriages.....

There's a lesson there.
The sad irony is that those college coeds, after they have spent a number of years riding the cock carousel, are going to want a beta male to help them finish paying off those big fat college loans! There have been studies that it typically takes a husband around ten to twelve years to pay off his wife's college debt, and usually a year or two after that, is when the sweet grateful wife hits the divorce rape button! : (

That is a pretty blackpilling stat if true. You should link the study if true. I couldn't find it on Google


That's a very good question and I think we ought to let the Latinax and Black women know about this. The answer to the question is simple. Because over the last 30 years women have received preferential treatment. It makes my skin crawl to hear the current stats on males in college and other things like grades because they're behind females. Note, that a feminist will bring these metrics up while brimming with pride. The simple fact of it all is these unfortunate stats about boys are a direct consequence of the preferential policies that have favored females for years. Its not that females have proven themselves better than males, they just have a leg or two or three or many up on the males. For instance, the edumahcacion system regards males as "defective females". If that isn't an indication of why males are in this condition than I don't know what is. So, in short more women are in college because it was engineered. That being said, it is mostly still white women. White women are the most undeserving recipients of any kind of leg up in life. This plus their daily trough of "go girlism" has made them utterly intolerable. But, it also represents an opportunity to divide an conquer. Because all women are status hungry. And as it goes, the left gets status by stealing it. We all know the MO here. At some point the social engineer bean counters will see this and they'll decry racism and the rest. More black and latinoX will be admitted over white women. White women will realized what men have realized and go through the same cathartic process we did, eventually leading them to us and this side. Not necessarily the Manosphere per se, but, the right in general.


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To find a husband.

If they had that part of their life locked down by then, most probably wouldn’t bother with college.

My personal experience working in IT roles at Major R&D Unis in Boston... These Unis tuition per semester Fall Spring and Summer is over. $40K plus room board fees books etc.... These families are encouraging and cultivating hypergamy in their daughters by sending them to expensive private universities to meet, socialize, bang and lock down the sons/heirs to multi-millionaires and billionaires.

Their families wanted their sons to meet women with at least a 4 year degree who will inculcate the need for a uni education into their Grandsons and Granddaughters and be wives who could socialize in their circles and country/yacht Clubs and be an asset to their sons and businesses.