Why are Women Willingly Choosing Soyboys?


We are empowering women to behave in an appallingly poor way which is incidentally something that is natural for many of them. They have abandoned reason and given themselves over to their basest of lusts. This is why women were historically not empowered with these options or opportunities because it was understood how they would misbehave and it was understood what sort of drastic consequences such behavior would have for society.

From a while ago, I posted this on my personal social media feed-

I was approached by a man who had overheard my end of a phone conversation while I was at the store.

I was on the phone with a professor and had stated, "feminism is a psychological disease of an affluent society. It requires a level of material wealth and stability beyond a mere agrarian or industrializing society to sustain a professional victim class with a grievance industry of permanent dissidents who specialize in agitation and protest. In the former Belgian Congo the women don't have time to loaf around in salons and spend four hours per day reading propaganda about how oppressed they allegedly are, they're out working agricultural jobs alongside their men and if you don't work you won't eat. Only in nations such as the United States do you see an upper middle class woman with ten hours of leisure time per day being able to absorb the propaganda and then deciding to proclaim she is oppressed. It is a disease that infects wealthy societies, in places where everybody has to work you don't see it. The USA accumulated so much wealth that our society still functions and even prospers in some regards despite perhaps ten percent of people doing absolutely nothing except constant social agitation and then perhaps another twenty percent who simply don't work period."

The man said that he had similar ideas and observations but couldn't put his ideas to words and had never heard such ideas conveyed so well. He asked me, "what do you do?" I told him that "I am a lawyer by trade but my main interests are history, philosophy, political theory, and economics."
Are you sure you remember everything you said in that conversation?

Cool story, bro.
But it would be even better if your four-year-old child had made that speech.
In a hipster coffee shop.
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