Why do all new buildings in America look like this?


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I read many articles from this website a few years ago and this thread reminded me of it. The blog's author has several good articles about urban planning. He favors the Japanese approach to planning and criticizes American style urban sprawl. He mentions high density cities can be built in ways that encourage walking and are pedestrian friendly. One article I recommend is the one about visions of future cities. If you like that one, you will enjoy many others in this blog.

One thing I appreciate is the author's dislike for Le Corbusier. I despise that architect as well. This is Le Corbusier’s “A Contemporary City of Three Million”, from 1923.


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The hideous buildings of ultra-dense settlements:

Buildings can be beautiful even at said densities but they choose to make it hell.
It's always the same (((people))) encouraging this, tiny home, high sense living crap. They want to destroy large comfy places to pack in smaller and smaller homes.

In China, the culture encourages ant like behavior and sentiments. It's disgusting and is a reason why the average Chinese person snaps. Humans aren't meant to live like this.


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For anyone who hasn't seen this Ted Talk, you must check it out.

Good message. It is amazing how people forgot how to design places that are attractive. I am glad he mentioned Boston City Hall which is a true architectural crime made by a nihilist. IM Pei must be a very depressing person to be around. What is interesting is that people tend to be attracted to historic places more than modern places. Look at the most expensive urban areas in the nation: Georgetown (Washington DC), historic San Francisco, historic Alexandria, VA (near Washington DC), Beacon Hill (Boston), and Soulard (St.. Louis) among many others. These neighborhoods have character and wealthy city dwellers want to live in these areas because they are walkable and have that sense of space.





This development has everything I love about good architectural design and urban planning:

- Tree-lined streets
- Old style lanterns
- Arches
- Columns
- Balustrades
- Domes
- Decorative balcony railings that don't look like prison bars

Seeing towns that look like this makes me realize that I need to be living somewhere similar. Because where I am now is destroying my soul.