Why do all new buildings in America look like this?


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I have been to Ljubljana and it is an enjoyable city to walk around in. I like the idea of making the city center a place where pedestrians matter more than cars. The architecture in the city makes you feel inspired instead of feeling depressed.



Love the flowerpots on the windowsill. When was the last time you saw a house in the US that had these?

German peasants and Russian peasants before WWI used to build such so very beautiful wooden houses. They lived on their own land, grew their own organic vegetables, no GMO, no pesticides, no herbicides, no fungicides! They had good health because their gut microbiome wasn't demolished by the preservatives and toxic chemicals in modern western food, they ate traditionally fermented foods. These people had healthy families, and large families with multiple children, and grandparents lived with their children and grandchildren, not in nursing homes. They owned the fruits of their labor, working for themselves, no bullshit jobs. And they wore beautiful embroidered clothing, unlike modern T shirts with stupid made up pop culture "heroes", or Hollyweird trans fashion. They played the accordion. And the old customs and rituals were followed. And there were no any chemtrails in the sky.

The Amish have the potential to save Germany, just as the Old Believers have the potential to save Russia. If the lifestyles, cultures, and philosophies of these two groups would be implemented in their respective countries of origin, then it would be real good step to proper life. Otherwise we would see the same old gradual downward trend until we become third world countries, and lost all our heritage.

Dante Wren

You think that's bad, cross the Ben Franklin bridge into Philadelphia and you'll be visually assaulted by this monstrosity

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That looks unfinished. The first leg of a project too ambitious to finish. They didn't count the cost before building.
Or, speaking of legs, it looks like an enshrinement of the leg of a destroyed Autobot. Or, dare I say, a Decepticon...
When it falls, it'll be like a combination of the sword of Damocles and the allegorical boot at the end of 1984.

Something like this could only have been designed to cause anxiety amongst the public.
If Sartre were alive today, he wouldn't have wasted time on a rock and would have written a novel about this thing.


Amerimutt, my son...