Why do people buy from Amazon?


Somebody has to be pumping money into this company and I am not sure who it is. Back in the mid 2000's, Amazon prices were lower and selection was good. Now the prices are not lower but even more than local retailers. Selection is not thorough either. You will not find things on Amazon that you can't find anywhere else.
The last purchase I made on Amazon was a couple years ago when I bought a book. Does anybody here have a bead on who and what is driving this behemoth?


It's the everything store. If you need a thing, it's there.

And you will absolutely find things on Amazon that you can't find anywhere else, unfortunately. Lots of people who make products use Amazon as their sole distributor, you can't even buy the thing from the company themselves, their website "shop" link just takes you right to Amazon.

When I shop I try my damndest to not use Amazon, but quite often I have to just not buy whatever I'm looking for because it is the only option.

Amazon makes most of their money now from AWS, I think, but to answer your questions: "who" = just about everybody, "why" = because that's The Store. It'll get worse, too, as brick and mortar retail closes and as Amazon continues expanding into groceries (the big thing that people generally still buy IRL).


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I do. I take care of 140+ tenants at work then I come home to take care of my elderly mother who had a stroke two years ago, on top of cooking dinner for us everyday/working out/ taking care of house hold tasks/keeping my place clean/ having an hour to myself everyday etc etc I could go on, long story short, I'm busy. With prime I get free wholefood deliveries to my house any day of the week as well as now that we have a warehouse in my city most stuff I order off of amazon arrives to me the next day. I also use a kindle and buy e-books through amazon again for the convenience.

I don't shop at places like walmart, its probably been years since I've been in one. I sure hate giving Bezo's my money, but I don't have the time to do otherwise at the moment like I can with walmart. Thats just life sometimes.
I question why I use it anymore. The one stop shop for literally everything under the sun is nice, but Bezzos is giant douche, I'm starting to notice that their prices no longer beat the competition and are sometimes far higher, and "two day" prime shipping has been BS lately, nothing has arrived on time. I won't be reupping my prime subscription and will be buying from manufacturers directly or preferably from local Ma n' Pa businesses if possible going forward.


Nobody is mentioning the fact that you buy stuff, and then a day or two later, it shows up on your doorstep. That's a massive convenience, and one thing they don't teach you in economics is that convenience is actually a stronger motivator than price. People will happily pay higher prices (up to a point) if it means getting more convenience.


Somebody has to be pumping money into this company and I am not sure who it is. Back in the mid 2000's, Amazon prices were lower and selection was good. Now the prices are not lower but even more than local retailers. Selection is not thorough either. You will not find things on Amazon that you can't find anywhere else.
The last purchase I made on Amazon was a couple years ago when I bought a book. Does anybody here have a bead on who and what is driving this behemoth?
Well, this pandemic has made it almost a necessity for anything other than groceries and booze.

Plus lots of single people or people living separate lives. What your wife used to buy for you at the store you now have to get online because you're alone or you're both too busy working to go shopping.

And lots of things are just easier and less embarrassing to order off Amazon. I couldn't find a lot of my backpacking stuff or SHTF stuff in my area and would've had to travel and browse shops I didn't know to find it. But 15 minutes on Amazon and I have enough mylar bags and food saving equipment and camping supplies that I can last for a few months now. That's a time saver and frustration saver.

Jeff Bezos should be investigated for how much he benefits from these lockdowns and riots while his personal blog, the Washington Post, has been in favor of the lockdowns and the riots. I can bet Bezos's survivalist and self-defense and freeze-dried food and movies have been doing 10x as much business so long as we are locked down. His motives for pushing it through his blog should be questioned heavily.


Ease of purchase. It's seemless, one click, and removes barriers to buying. People are indoctrinated in waiting a day or two for shipping now.
It's this. There is zero friction to buying off of Amazon.

When I used to buy things on Amazon, it was few taps in a few seconds between impulse and purchase. And even if you're into mindful consumption, there are things like toilet paper and dog food that you just want to buy without thinking about them.

I've almost entirely quit Amazon due to strong objections to their business model, Bezos, etc.. I buy as much as humanly possible from local stores. But I'll admit to using them for the occasional commodity purchase. Like a 12-pack of canned Wild Planet sardines... I just don't have time to go track that down at the store!


As the others said, ease of use and they have a lot of products. Of course, they also have a lot of Chinese junk propped up with fake reviews, and even with the real products you see reviews where people are saying it's a fake.

I haven't cancelled my account, but I've cut way back on purchases and try to buy local or pretty much anywhere else before Amazon. We have to quit supporting our enemies.


I don't fully trust shipping for objects over a certain size. I have had an empty box with a huge hole it in delivered by fedex and when I filed a claim I got nothing. Another large glass item was shipped completely smashed again by fedex. It took 3 weeks to get a replacement. DHL will send a package all over America and then drop it off at a regional USPS hub and let them deal with it. UPS is getting slower and slower and charges top dollar. I will give Amazon credit for their packaging being durable.
Fedex sucks, UPS sucks, DHL really sucks and the USPS is going broke but at the moment is quick and reliable for small stuff.
I'm trying to buy local if it is in stock and use Ebay for hard to find stuff. It stinks the Ebay has been getting more and more things sent from China. Nothing worse than buying an item for $8 and then finding out it is coming straight from Guangdong and will take 3 weeks.


In the early days of Amazon, Bezos's directive for company was "blow the customer away," and I indeed remember being blown away with the service.

The web site design and functionality was miles ahead of any online competitor. Their prices were great. There was no sales tax. Shipping was free for any order over $25. They made returns incredibly easy and often paid for the return shipping. If a package was lost or damaged, they'd instantly send a replacement, no questions asked. By making returns so easy and cheap, they encouraged making a purchase you'd otherwise be hesitant about. I was a believer and rarely considered ordering elsewhere for many years.

Gradually, many of these benefits were discontinued. I recently let my Prime subscription end without renewing, and I now check several other web sites or try to buy locally before using Amazon. But back in the day they really worked to gain loyal customers, and I'm sure many of those customers continue to use Amazon today.


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It's just easier. I don't even use Prime and they still manage to get packages to me within a few days. I wish there was more competition. It's not like Amazon even builds anything, other than the kindle. They are simply very good when it comes to logistics and had foresight about selling things on the internet. Bezos will probably be the world's first trillionaire.

It's too bad they have so much power though.
I am willing to pay a premium not to buy from them but still use Amazon for most book purchases. I know there are alternative online bookstores but they are as politically unappealing as Amazon (and in many cases more so). And I find their prices for books are cheaper than the alternatives.


The internet retail giants got fat off of outdated tax laws that allowed them to not collect sales tax. This only changed last year.

I use Amazon less than ten times a year for stuff I can't find locally. It is a company that is parasitic towards the startups it funds and a pirate towards third party sellers such as Rain Design or Allbirds.

Now it is launching its own satellite system and plans to offer broadband internet.

No one ever went broke underestimating how lazy people will be. And having a recycling bins for all those boxes makes people think nothing of how inefficient getting everything delivered in cardboard boxes is.

Personally, I avoid Amazon. At this point, I really don't like any big-box or IT giant. What does not come from the local grocery store, hardware store, or thrift store comes from eBay or comes straight from the manufacturer. I have used Amazon for show-rooming items on eBay. Amazon's prices often are not the best.

At some point in life, owning more stuff becomes a negative.

I have the impression that Bezos just gets off on wrecking whole industries, and I have no interest in being a part of that. It is too bad that Sears did not keep their catalog going a couple of more years and then put the catalog online.
I just use it if absolutely necessary. Best example being books, whenever I go to a book store, they have a fairly limited selection which most likely won't have something specific that I'm looking for, but on Amazon there will be like 50 different sellers with available copies.

Things like groceries, clothing, and miscellaneous things like new headphones I prefer just going to the store for.