Why do Women Read and Write Books About Violence Against Women?


Maybe they're wired to be victims, and absent of any real existent threats, they go looking through the arts or their own creative minds.


I've found a partial explanation for the female fascination with rape and general indifference to it's actual occurrence here:

Why feminists support Islamic Rape Jihad

Doubtless you have heard of the recent Idaho gang rape.
This was Islamic Rape Jihad, not just Muslim rapists, because the girl was five, because the boys put it on video, because the boys expected the support of their community, and because the boys received the support of their community.

Feminist response to this rape shows what feminists really want. Everyone reacting to this in an indignant manner is a male who is in favor of patriarchy to a greater or lesser extent, and many of them want to completely reverse female emancipation.

In the ancestral environment, and indeed today’s environment, if a woman was property the way a cow is property, she was likely to have substantially greater reproductive success than a free woman. If a man was property the way a cow is property, likely to have zero reproductive success.


And feminists, in supporting Rape Jihad, are unconsciously pursuing their optimal evolutionary reproductive strategy, which is to be sold by Islamic state naked in chains on the auction block. We are descended from free men and unfree women. Peoples, nations religions, cultures and groups with strong, proud, free, and independent women died out. They always die out.
TLDR: that since rapists treat women like property, and enslaved women produce more offspring, it's in their genetic interest to support and show an interest in rape.

This is a purely r-selected theory. It relies only on the quantity of offspring a women produces form the type of men who rape.

I think there's actually an explanation based on k-selection too.

Lower value, older, less fertile and less attractive women have an interest in seeing more fertile, younger, more attractive women being raped since it reduces competition for higher value men and their genetics.

Any women in a tribe who have been raped will be considered untouchable and the higher value men will not pursue them. Hence the lower value women go up the pecking order. The rape of younger more fertile women will therefore likely increase the quality of genetics lower value women get access to.

The result would be that it is only really higher value k-selected women, and men who have a genuine interest in preventing rape.

If anyone thinks this is extreme just look at the total lack of female concern for the islamic rape gangs in England and the 'not your women' campaign in Sweden.


Days of Broken Arrows said:
I called her a "stupid bitch" among other things. I called her mother "a divorced slut" and said she was going to wind up like her mom.
Her response: "NOW you're turning me on!"
Sounds like my ex-wife. She thrived on conflict. I can't speak for other men but I hate that aspect of women. I don't like having to turn things into a warzone to get her hot and bothered.
In academia, from what I've seen, is to make themselves feel important, or to justify their toxic beliefs against men. The more compelling thing, is why don't they write about violence against men. Believe it or not there are left-wing academics out there who do, and other men's issues. Like for example: men fighting in wars, men in prisons, lack of men in colleges, overdose deaths, suicides, etc...

If i remember correctly there is one shelter for men who are victims of domestic violence at the hands of their female partners. Funny enough, lesbians are more violent against their partners than heterosexual women as well.

Another question you have to ask yourself, is why are they so immersed about 3rd wave feminism while women in Saudi Arabia and parts of the middle east still lack basic civil rights, and are being stoned to death for adultery. You never get a good answer on that.

Violent crime (including rapes) has been going down in the West for years now. It's never been a better time to women. But perhaps these feminists have to justify their research budgets. Among the few worth listening to are Camille Paglia and Christina Hoff Summers. Both are reasonably red-pilled for feminists. And offer some compelling perspectives on modern inter-sectional feminism, and some thoughts on how the feminist movement lost its path.