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if God didnt want murder than why did he make it popular. Also, studies show tonss of pyschological and physical defects in mixed race children.
There's a commandment against this. Just read the story about cain and abel and see how the killer is viewed. Moses married a Cushite in the book of Numbers.

I do see what you're saying about possible issues that arise, but comparing murder and races mixing is a stretch. In addition as the world becomes more global we're seeing more of this.

Not saying it's for the best, and it might even be pushed by the globalists, but remember Galatians 3:28
"There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus."
Genetic inheritance is such, that the half white/half Asian son might get a good-sized penis, if they run in dad's family line, but then again, he might not have the boosted IQ, that was hoped for with Asian ancestry. There are no guarantees when the genetic dice are thrown. I've had Asian friends (raised in America, admittedly) who were not good at math, despite making an effort.

What the Asian kid will inherit, is a mother who most likely will push him hard to succeed in school. I was not so blessed with my white American single mother. My significant other insisted we send her four girls to a good private school, and we got them the various things they needed for online learning, due to the pandemic. The oldest girl did nearly flunk the ninth grade, as an act of rebellion, despite being bright, but she seems back on track, with mom nervously monitoring her progress. Her aunt, who has four sons, has them all enrolled in college, and studying engineering or in one case, biology. One of them wants to become a commercial supertanker officer, like his father, and plans to attend the merchant marines academy of the Philippines. Another son is headed to med school. I fortunately joined with a Filipino family of intelligence and ambition.
well for what you wonder what the result may be, let's give me how i turned out like: Im 5"11, feet shoe size 11.5, my other thing's size is good, university, not good at math but near perfect photographic memory (graduated cum laude), used to be an athlete in my student period, have been several times in national news, played a few small parts in tv series, also former male model, in student period belong to the popular kids as i was national board member of a political youth organization and vice chairman of the umbrella organization of all student associations at my uni, almost made it to my country's olympic team, now a succesful marketing agency owner.

with regards to my parents: both are former soldiers and my mom was a sharp shooter in the Chinese Army. My aim with a gun is really shit, i mean really shit and i dont like guns at all in contrary to the rest of my entire family, many uncles and much older cousins have either retired with high officer ranks in the Chinese or French army
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