Wife refusing sex and not enjoying it?

She doesnt want to leave. And she doesnt want me to have sex with anyone else. Its a sexless prison marriage.But ive told her i Will look for someone else as a wife has to fullfil her husbands needs and vice versa. I removed My ring and told her to Keep it..imo its a wife obligation to attend to her husbands needs before anything. I Will still stay with My Child but sex Will have to be gotten somewhere else
Sorry dude. But this is just a temper tantrum.
Women's sexual desire for their partner tanks before the man's. Studies have been done. This is also one of the reasons why most breakups and divorces are initiated by women.
Unfortunately this is very true. Marriage is supposed to evolve beyond sex as you have children and your love grows exponentially in a myriad of ways. For those in a childless marriage you quickly realize that you are simply cohabitating and she will eventually be inclined to stray, as will you, as the temptation and intoxicating effects of lust in a new relationship will always produce a narcotic like high of which we all for the most part wish to exist inside, this warm and fuzzy false reality that rarely lasts more than 6 months to a year.


Vox Day is a heretic
Fixed this for you. Anti-Trinitarians are not Christians. They do not believe in Christianity, they are not subject to Christ or His Church, and their opinion on Christian matters is irrelevant at best and actively dangerous at worst. Better to ignore such people when they share their opinions on the Bible and read the Church Fathers and Saints instead. OP, your situation sounds brutal and I'm certainly not trying to minimize it - but polygamy is absolutely not part of Christianity and I hope you will ignore comments to the contrary.
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Women's sexual desire for their partner tanks before the man's. Studies have been done. This is also one of the reasons why most breakups and divorces are initiated by women.


And ironically a lot of men will waste money and lots of time by taking their woman to do couples therapy and where they sit and talk nonsense for hours and never mention the elephant in the room - that her desires wants Chad and Tyrone.

IN FACT, I just went now on the website for an evening papers here (similar to The Sun) and looked into the relationship section and there's was this one guy asking this female expert why his woman didn't want to do it more than 1-2 per month. You know what he got in reply?
She asked him whether they did equal amount of everyday chores in the house and that she might be too tired for sex because of that, so he should help her out more if that's the case.


@zamfir112, how aware is your wife about the current state of the world? How red pilled is she? If the answer is "not very" maybe, as the liberals say, education is the solution.


If your wife is really as dismissive of your needs as portrayed, the underlying problem is not sex but the level of respect in the relationship more generally. Rather than you seeking "it" (sex) somewhere else, I'd prefer it if your phrasing suggested you were looking for genuine connection with a woman as opposed to what this current relationship has decayed into. I'd also suggest not being rash. Before marriage my wife and I had sex every day. Around our first child our sex life collapsed. Once a month if I was lucky. Sometimes two months without anything, which is extremely dysfunctional considering I was in my 20s and she in her very early 30s. But it did eventually turn a corner, although never to pre-marriage levels (I'm older now and probably couldn't keep to that pace any more anyway). During the dry spell, I purposely let my moods get darker, and wasn't shy in explaining them. Don't become abusive, just let her know she's rapidly falling down your priority list. I started living an edgier life (nothing criminal) even getting arrested at one stage (a firearm issue, never charged). And yes, I got sex when I got home from the police so there is merit to appearing more dangerous, but under no circumstances do I advise getting arrested in order to improve your marital sex life! If you are already letting the dark side show a bit more and she still isn't interested, then there's not much more to do beyond prayer, either for your sex drive to decrease or for her to start appreciating and respecting you more. If this isn't answered and you start falling into a depression, lay it all on the table. Don't have an affair, but end the marriage, reassess your life, and enter the dating world not seeking sex but seeking love and respect.