Will the coronavirus vaccine be safe?

Which do you consider more dangerous?

  • the virus

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  • the vaccine

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I'd say that people should get infected and after a week their symptoms worsen, then take the vaccine. That's how I would go about it.

Do vaccines work that way? I didn't think they helped if you're already infected with the full version of the disease.
I have always been confused with the purpose of a vaccine. If it stops you from getting sick..who cares if other people don't get it, and if it doesn't stop you from getting sick..why get it?

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Interesting and plausible: The vaccine is the bioweapon, not the coronavirus.
  • Bergamo and many other hot spots of this plandemic recently got an experimental flu vaccine just before their outbreak
  • Even the flu vaccine makes people 36% more susceptible to corona
  • Bill Gates called corona "pandemic 1", implying he expects a second one.
  • He also said the second might be "bio terrorism".
The assumption here is that the corona vaccine is the setup for pandemic 2. More details here:

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Pharmaceutical giant is making 1 billion vaccines. They hope not a lot of testing will be done on it.
We will have some vaccine available this year, but it will depend on the authorities – the FDA and others – to decide whether it can be used earlier before efficacy data are available.”


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Based Nigerian leaders laying out truth bombs in a major Nigerian newspaper:

COVID-19: Nnamdi Kanu accuses Bill, Melinda Gates of planning to kill Africans using vaccine

Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has alleged that billionaire businessman, Bill Gates and his wife, Melinda are planning to kill Africans using the Coronavirus vaccine.

Kanu made the allegation in reaction to Melinda’s claim that she saw dead bodies on the streets of Africa.

Melinda in an interview with CNN had lamented that Africa may not be able to handle a Coronavirus situation if it escalates like it did in the west.

Reacting, Kanu insisted that Melinda must have adequate information at her disposal before making such remarks.

In his latest broadcast on Radio Biafra, the IPOB leader said: “Melinda Gates said she saw dead bodies on the streets of Africa, that COVID-19 will be horrible in the developing world, they will not say such things if they do not have enough information.

Kanu alleged that Bill Gates and his cohorts tried to reduce the black race using HIV but failed, hence will resort to the Coronavirus vaccine.

“Bill Gates and co tried to reduce the black African population, they first tried it in South Africa with HIV and it failed them and backfired.

They want to maintain white supremacy in Africa.

“Bill Gates father was part of those who initiated planned parenthood and also part of IBM. Their family business is white supremacy.

“Unless you vaccinate, you cannot be in any public gathering, said Bill Gates. Who is Bill Gates to tell the world what to do?. He is not working with the UN, they want you to vaccinate not because they want to protect you from Coronavirus but to kill you off, to sterilize our women.

“Dr. Fauchy is part of Bill Gates vaccine team, they are a gang of thieves. Dr Fauchy and Bill Gates knew Coronavirus would come since 2017. Bill Gates used his money and funded the study that led to today’s pestilence called (Coronavirus).

“Bill Gates has the patent of Coronavirus, we are in multiple danger, we must be extremely careful or we will sink. Until you accept their vaccine (Bill Gates vaccine), they will keep on bringing up new versions of it, that is why they are now saying only the vaccine will save you.”


Bill, Melinda Gates are satanic, demonic – Fani-Kayode

Published May 3, 2020
Seun Opejobi

Former Aviation Minister, Femi Fani-Kayode, has described the co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates and wife, Melinda as demonic, satanic and occultic.

Fani-Kayode said Bill Gates and his wife won’t prevail despite their financial and alleged demonic influence.
In a tweet, the former minister wrote:”The Bible says “the GATES of hell shall not prevail!.

“Bill and Melinda, no matter how much money, power and influence you possess and no matter how many demonic, satanic and occultic forces you control, you shall NOT prevail. I say it again, the GATES of hell shall not prevail.”

This is coming at a time when some citizens of the United States, US, had called for the arrest of Gate over claims of COVID-19 vaccine.

Recall that Gates had recently revealed a new RNA vaccine for COVID-19 amongst a list of things that must be done for life to return to normal again.

The Microsoft co-owner had said he was excited about pursuing a new approach called ‘RNA vaccine,’ with code needed to produce viral fragments on its own.

Funny how those purportedly lower IQ Africans are so much wiser than your average western PhD...
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@911 ^ Yeah what bothers me is the whole controlled opposition angle. If a first world leader came out and said something like this people would take notice. As it is its basically like having Jenny McCarthy being point on the anti-vax movement....Credibility undermined as far as general public is concerned


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Yeah but this is a major Nigerian paper, the content is aimed at a domestic audience, so it has credibility there.

I get your point though PT, the average NYT reader is going to dismiss there guys. Their message, along with those from his victims all over Africa, india etc can connect with them if framed as colonialism, which it really is. The part they wouldn't understand is that people like Gates are also colonizing them and destroying their progeny one autistic baby at a time.
^ First world leaders are all corralled in the pen on a leash, except for a few stragglers that escape the farm every now and then. Salvini, Bolsonaro, like to push the boundary, even Trump, but in truth, all first world leaders are co-opted to the new world order plot, and the ones that do act out, I think, are doing so just like rebellious teenagers going through a phase.

For all my differences with Africans, I have come to respect them more so because they are true to themselves, and because more of them do not hate themselves the way the westerners have been programmed to do. There is a huge coin flip in their behavior where it can be the most pious and saintly of Christians, or even pagans, but then can also be the most savage and lethal display of inhumanities.. Truly showing the power of God if you ask me, and the effect it has on such a people. Imagine the effect the power of God would have on the west if it submitted once more to His will.

Africa and India both know what Gates is up to, and they will not let him enter their lands again to harm more children. This push for the vaccine will result in war, which unfortunately is what they want too, so the best thing to do is to force their hand early and unprepared so they do not win whatever altercation arises.


They are developing is a totally new type of mRNA vaccine that actually injects you with only the genetic code of a protein. Once that code is in your body, it then builds a protein that will then supposedly build immunity. In other words, they are injecting you with a live virus to combat another virus. Incredibly dangerous. The kicker is that it is packaged with "liquid nano particles" to stabilize the mRNA from wreaking havoc on your body (of acting like a... virus).
The idea of using mRNA to ask the human body to read the instructions and manufacture the viral proteins is not new. Researchers almost two decades ago demonstrated that externally supplied mRNA is translated into the encoded protein. However, mRNA is not a very stable molecule, which prevented those mRNA vaccines from becoming a reality. The mRNA-1273 vaccine being developed today uses chemical modifications to stabilize the mRNA and packages it into an injectable form using liquid nano particles.

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Looks to me that the vaccine will be the bioweapon. Not the covid. Can't prove it - just my gut feeling
Check post #23 above for evidence.
The kicker is that it is packaged with "liquid nano particles" to stabilize the mRNA from wreaking havoc on your body (of acting like a... virus).
Could these particles be disabled by an electromagnetic field, such as a 60 GHz 5g beam?


This is a video that might interest you guys. It's about a guy who struggled with heavy metal poisoning and ended up taking his own life because the symptoms got so bad he couldn't take it anymore. He believes vaccines were the cause of his mercury poisoning



If the flu shot makes you 36% more susceptible to corona think how much susceptible the corona shot will make people to the next crap they release. If you take the vaccine you die. It's that simple.

I actually tested this theory myself.

In the years that I have taken the flu shot, I end up getting sick from the flu a few months later. In years that I have not taken the flu shot, I don't get sick at all.
The next question should be what will happen when they force you to take it. I'm assuming the national guard will be enforcing the forced vaccinations(they are already being used door to door in Tennessee and Rhode island) which means resistance will be futile. So i guess the real question is for those who do take it (because everyone who doesn't will be dead or incarcerated) how long do you expect to live, or do you think if you outlast the first wave of deaths due to the vaccine you will be able to benefit from the resources that will be available after many people have died.
I'm not going to sit here and say that I will fight to the death and refuse(I don't have the courage for that), I will try to hold out as long as possible but I have kids and me being alive is better for them then being gunned down in my pajamas(because I refused the mandated vaccine) of course the kids will be forced to take it as well (just like their forced now to do it for school) so then I guess I'll have to answer the question then on whether I want to fight the govt or try to fight the effects of the vaccine.

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Be in a place where they don't have police or military go door to door with the vaccine. Use the coming easing of the lockdown before the "second wave" to relocate.


Ugh, I've been planning to get out of the city for a year or so now, I'm pissed that this is happening before I could get my farmstead set up.