Will there be a mass dying off of the vaccinated?


The name he (assumingly) chose for a username is also playing into the pretense of a didactic, someone who appears educated but is really either a paid shill or a pro bono shill (many slaves hate the free man who points out the chains and how to remove them), as well as how the elites "design" schemes and "engineer" people to endure them according to a preset formula. Some people just refuse to peel back that inner layer of the onion (the most rancid) and acknowledge the existence and magnitude of evil in this world. If they cannot recognize evil, they will look at everything as how it has been presented to them from the eyes and hands of those with all the money, and these types fall into easy politicization traps, adhering to as well as parroting whatever the pantheon of scientific deities assign as law of the current moment. Perhaps he is just a normie who lacks the critical thinking to understand how research and development connect with industry and profiteering, and how they are historically steered by certain dynasties whereupon coercion becomes bribery becomes policy becomes heresy, and how it trickles down to affect the everyman. We may never know, because even these people may not have a real clue. We just have to keep spotting them and calling them out, whatever evidence and videos I posted were not for him, but for those who could be fooled by his lies. I am interested to see what he and other hibernators will come out with next time they begin posting. If they are working for an agency which in reality is protected from down low by the prince of darkness, then they will not have wisdom that is earned by prayer, discernment, and experience, and will have to come up with a new strategy. So "going dark" on an online forum is really the only strategy an incompetent operative can do (much different from a fed informant in inorganic alleged right-wings groups, who has to blend in and establish a long-term known presence, or the agent who serves as instigator and/or provocateur. The online forum fed or shill poster will have to remain dark until his superiors either give him another chance with a new strategy or assign the task to someone more savvy.
Very interesting. Thank you for this post.