Will you take the vaccine?

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So the higher up that was forced to get the jab who had a heart attack two weeks ago is back in surgery. I hope at least the companies forcing it can be sued.
Doubtful. It's one of the reasons I retired early. I asked if Workman's Comp would cover any side effects or adverse reactions, but nope, I was 'voluntarily' taking it. Apparently, a choice between being fired for refusing and unwillingly taking a vaccine to keep my job is considered a choice rather than forced coercion. I think people are going to be very unhappy with all the built in loopholes for Big Pharma, Big Business and the insurance companies. I hope I'm wrong - - but the deck feels very stacked to me.
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Has anyone noticed their friends struggling with miscarriages and being able to conceive since the jabs? Even my friends with prior children…


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I did a bit of digging on this one...of course the fact checkers claim its false but I'm always a bit suspicious of quotes like these.
Thank you. It was on my double check file folder. Remember researching a long time ago.

It is appreciated when one takes the time to verify. Have made a few errors in my time; And it has caused me to check more than once. That is why I generally pull quotes directly from a hardcover book or online verified document through archive.org