WKUK Comedian Trevor Moore dead at 41

Max Roscoe

Orthodox Inquirer
Trevor Moore, the mastermind behind the comedy group Whitest Kids You Know has suddenly died at his home at the age of 41.
No word on vax status, but he was healthy and not overweight. His death as of now is just called an "accident."

This guy was truly hilarious. Some of their stuff is crude, but I'm a huge fan of the series. I found them similar to (but even funnier) than Kids In The Hall. I didn't realize he had his own Comedy Central show since 2019. The final year of WKUK they ended with a long series called The Civil War On Drugs that reveals the entire civil war was really a misunderstanding about smoking weed (I'm not a stoner but still found it hilarious).

He was a very creative guy.

Maybe it was this bit that got him whacked?


He was redpilled on many subjects too and maybe (((someone))) didn't appreciate it.

(Disclaimer: This one contains vulgar language)