Woman attempts to become cannibalistic serial killer. Learns lesson in biology.


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Kona said:
RoastBeefCurtains4Me said:
Kona said:
I've been saying for a while now, we need to build a wall around Seattle. Its a bunch of freaks up there.


I did a search of Seattle and Kona, and you really have been dogging Seattle a lot, especially the baristas!

I know what I'm talking about. 2 out of three Seattle residents are baristas and the other person kills themself. Its why the Seattle Supersonics moved to Oklahoma City.


As someone who spends most of their month (20+ days) in OKC...shit must be pretty bad that you end up in OKC. It's depressing down here and I finally understand why middle 'murica resorts to alcohol and drugs.

Also, thanks Kona...I wanted to visit Seattle before but if SEATAC is worse than OKC, I never want to be in SEATAC.
Seatle and the surrounding areas are very beautiful to admire the geography. It is the sanctimonious Marxists, SJW, virtue signalers, drug addicts, homeless bums pissing and pooping everywhere, the $7.50 organic free-trade vegan coffee houses, pink-haired feminists with armpit hair and assorted fellow travelers that kill the vibe. It is like a carbon copy of Berkeley or Portland. Did I mention the real estate prices and taxes are through the roof?



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Leonard D Neubache said:
PapayaTapper said:
"Am I caught?"

"No. Not at all! This is the part where you use your fem power to attack us police officers here with that there knife and make your daring escape."

*covertly unsnaps holster*

In this instance Id sanction it as euthanasia.


Kurgan said:
This wannabe killer needs a helicopter ride into an area full of cannibals for her sentence.

I forsee lawsuits from the said cannibals after developing high cholesterol and heart attacks from eating her fat ass.


Thersites said:
Depending on the cooking, poison could be a blessing.

Depending on the cooking woman, poison could be a blessing.

…Leading us to the immortal Churchill "exchange":

“If you were my husband, I’d give you poison.”
“And if you were my wife I’d take it.”
Essentially it is what women always do.

Tattoos are cool (on a man) and 80% of women like them, so she will tat herself up - problem is that only a tiny proportion of men like tatted up broads.

The same thinking process went into this bullshit. She thought that serial killers are "hot", so she decided to become one.

Problem is that most serial killers are neither hot nor Alpha:

But never mind - reality and truth was not close to her anyway.