Women Ruining Themselves With Tattoos -- What to Say?

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I'm starting to reach a breaking point on this.

Repeatedly on Facebook and in real life, I'm confronted with women showing off their new tattoos that are the ugliest, most unsightly eyesores imaginable. It's bad enough they're defacing their bodies to begin with, but these tattoos are beyond stupid: football teams logos, cliched sayings, Indian motifs.

How does the board handle this shit?

I won't compliment, but I usually stop short of saying "OMG I need a barf bucket." I often sidestep this by changing the subject or saying "Hm, that must have hurt." On Facebook I refuse to comment, while the usual crowd of tiny-dicked Omegas does the "You go, girl bullshit."

Someone needs to tell these women tattoos are dreadful but it's hard to do that without coming off like your parents.


I just avoid discussing it; if she brings it up I change the subject asap. But as soon as I see a tatoo I know that I shouldn't take her seriously and so I don't.


What do you care?

It's attention whoring plain and simple. Get the bang if that's what you want or upgrade to real people to search for LTR material.

I saw a homeless guy picking through the garbage. Should I have told him it's dirty or just kept walking? I DGAF what the guy does and I DGAF what filthy whores ink their bodies with.


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Live and let live my friend. I don't like it either. It's not feminine or sexy to me even though it's 90% of the girls I know. I see it like they've given up on finding a man. It's worse than getting fat. Just be cool and hit it. But don't date them as serious girlfriends.


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I know I'm in a minority around here but I like good tattoos on girls. To me it makes them hotter and I swear my boner gets harder when I'm fucking a tattooed chick. I'm sure at least half the girls I've banged in the last couple of years have had at least one and a number had 4-6. One had a sleeve.

Personal taste

Bad tattoos are bad, though


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The same thing I said once before; I'm not a huge fan (although, and not that it really matters, most of the tattoos dudes have are lame too).

Something small, like this;


Is fine (not ideal, but fine), because in addition to being small and fairly well-hidden, I still know by having a tattoo, she's easily swayed by peer pressure and she's a little bit slutty, and if you're just messing around, then who cares?

Nothing can be done about it, but I don't know about you guys, but if I'm out having drinks with a girl, and the subject of tattoos comes up and she mentions she has one, the chance I'm going to fuck her jump up at least 30%.

Days of Broken Arrows

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Kingsley Davis said:
Stop hanging with dregs.

These are middle- to upper-middle class women from backgrounds better than mine. That's the problem. If it was dregs I'd expect it. Because of the ridiculous "affirmation" culture of females, these women are getting the idea this is good. I'm assuming this is starting with TV (which I don't watch).
It's pretty futile to shut the barn door after the whores leave. I seriously think we may have to spread the meme that tattoos are an indicator of instability and poor mental health that reflect the absence of individuality instead of a Proud Choice TM that displays the inker's true self to the world in order to stem the tide.
Translated into hamster, that should actually come out as "oh, cool tattoo. That's just like the ones Sarah and Renee [pick your craziest friends] got the other day. Did you go together?"
I'm right there with you on this. I was flipping through the channels last night and came to the US Women's national soccer team match. I'm a soccer fan so I stopped to watch a couple of the hotter players but Alex Morgan and Hope Solo were on the bench. Luckily, another one of my favorites, 23 year old forward, Sydney Leroux, played all 90 minutes. Even though you can't see them in this pic, she has them all over the side of her torso, back, arms, and neck. No way I would kick her out of bed but why would she want to ruin a gorgeous body like that with ink?


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Call me hipster, but I really don't care much about tattoos on a girl as long as I can consider it art. If she passes the boner test, what else matters? It's most likely the generation gap between me and most other members (I'm 18).


2/10 would not bang because of tattoos

I honestly think tattoos are the ultimate form of peacocking, so I got one where no one sees it usually.


I'll deal with that when it comes. Most likely won't marry.

Tattoos are a red flag for me for a "sexually liberated" youth in girls in my age group. Of course I'd bang. Long term? Not really my thing.