Women show their horrifying transformations after "escaping" from conservative households


This is actually a lot worse than I thought. It is almost as if they are raised by corporations instead of a family
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This one is bad. I hope it's fake.

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Homesickness is very much a real cause of a lot of people's depression/mental health breakdown when they go to college or leave home. Yet nothing is talked about it in pop culture, because : (1) (((certain people))) do not feel homesickness to the land or the family, and so do not think about it ("rootless cosmopolitans"); and (2) if ((they)) do realize its a problem for goyim, they don't want to advertise it as a problem, so that goyim kids get screwed up by leaving home and blame it on everything else besides homesickness.

Heck, during the Civil War there was a significant proportion of troops who were afflicted with homesickness, so much so doctors were diagnosing it. Long-term travel/moving far away from home is not healthy for most of humanity.