Women who always do the dumping


What is everyone's thoughts on women who share they are always the one to break up with men?

I recently ran into a toxic string of these (ages 26 to 33), all similar stories in their dating lives...

Claim to have less than 4 serious relationships (1 had been married at 21), but all of them broke up with the man, and only casually dated* since.


It's a very odd thing to brag about, isn't it? I don't know you personally OP but I suspect you value marriage and commitment. Let's say there was a high quality woman you were speaking with and she had, in fact "done a lot of dumping", would she readily advertise that to you? What does that say about her? Does she chooses partners poorly? Does that mean she's flippant and unreasonable in a relationship? Personally I'm not sure I would spend much more time with a woman who felt enough of a sense of pride about ending her previous relationships to share that with me in our new, burgeoning one.
Roosh.... Its not that easy, when we look at "the big picture"....
I saw VERY beatifull, young, attractive women TOTALLY submitting to men, who are nothing special..... but just "hold Frame" (I guess).
This Corona Virus is truly a huge temptation..... and many women bow down to masculine leadership/ strength.... instead of seeking the LORD.
Of course many are "caught" in feminist ideas, or "princess entiteltment".... But masculine strength now is on a higher level in the hiararchy.

Of course we know the RIGHT path.... Our job is to be HOLY.... and ECLIPSE all the demonic stuff. We are the Children of the light!
This might be a bit "off topic"..... but you (guys) will understand that in times of temptation SATAN will offer you the next best option, other than seek the LORD.
Man I just came from a walk.... and I waited in front of a "late night" shop to finish my drink and to buy another one. There was a guy sitting there, listening to (rock) music. I started a conversation with him about how "demonic" influenced this area is and that people are lead by (satanic) forces. And he agreed on everything and gave new insights. I offered him a drink to and he agreed. When I brought the drinks, I wanted to leave... and he kinda pushed me o stay more and talk. When we exchanged names I found out he was an ISRAELITE, I felt "fire" in my belly and wanted to stay....
Well then suddenly he wanted me to LEAVE,.... He knew what came next out of my mouth, was something that he didnt want to hear. He blocked me even when I said that Im glad to met a "descendent of Abraham" (answer- "that was long time ago"). I think this all is a spiritual battle..... And we shouldnt polute ourself with "filthy people". Lets walk the path of RIGHTEOSNES.... we are miles ahead of the lost. I told allready... even beatifull woman now are so "lost" that they worship just "masculine leadership" as their (new) GOD (in the Pandemic).

Women are completely LOST, without (us) Godly Man. Satan has them .... they are truly BLIND, and their PRIDE is a huge stumbling block.

Im sure you know what Im talking about.... they are slaves to their emotions. Some to their dogs, to makeup, to sex,.....

And I agree, just ran away if you see this kind of reaction. They know IMMEDIATLY what you are up to, they reject the GLORIOS LIGHT, they are not dumb.

We will walk over the ashes of such kind of people!
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"I'm the prize, I'm the queen, I call the shots, men are beneath me, no man can serve my needs, my heart is like stone, and I want you to know it!"

Run far away.
Yes sir, Exactly.

From my experience Its almost certain she has all her Beta ex-boyfriends orbiting around her. They are on social media or worse she insists on being friends with him.

If a woman openly admits this to me I've always made it a point to leave them high and dry to the worst extent. No matter how pretty, educated or well off she is. It a pleasure to watch them cry ( its not heartbreak, Its their ego screeching )