Women who come from broken families

I agree with this statement. I would say, proceed with caution but examine each situation on its own merits. Let me give you three examples:

1. Girl with great mother and father, low income family background. However, actual rape victim, so she had some big time issues but was very loyal and family oriented. Unfortunately, I was in my hedonism says and messed this girl up further, she is now a lesbian....so a casualty, despite a good parental background

2. Girl with a mother and father that were married for something like 30 years when I met her, with a large local extended family. Her parents separated when I had broken up with her but she had some insane issues that pointed to some extreme childhood trauma. If you raised your voice to her she would react as if you were pointing a gun at her, cower and cry and plead for you not to be angry. It was unnerving and a totally unnatural reaction.

3. Girl born to single welfare mom that lived in disgusting poverty until about age 10. Has multiple siblings with all different fathers. She met with her birth father at age 12 and established a relationship, she moved out of her mothers home at age 16 and dropped out of high school to start working and go from "dirt poor" to "regular poor". Extremely stubborn, but happy to be a domestic wife, cherishes her father who is a senior citizen bachelor. Not a liberal kool aid drinker. "ugly duckling" as an adult in family photos as she is has natural beauty and adds on perfect hair, makeup and outfits while the rest of the family looks like post apocalyptic trailer park survivors.

So, the first one had an intact, great family, but some bad life experiences. The second one had an intact family and a very strong christian faith but was very messed up. The third one had an utter disaster of a family and childhood which she used as a model of the 'wrong way to live'

Use broad signals as a broad filter but treat each case as an individual situation.
Sounds like white trash beautiful


Good thread. I seem to always hit it off good with girls who come from lifelong married parents, with the household clearly ran by the father. They seem the most accepting and craving of masculinity
It seems many on this forum are getting a bit too puritanical with their red pills. I'm not arguing against most the analysis about broken families and women... they are mostly spot on. The point is, most of the men on this forum are not 1% alpha males that can viably seek out some virginal, 18-25 year old of high moral standing and excellent upbringing. The average red pilled male, especially those of us with depressing beta pasts and the associated mistakes and personality traits, are going to have to make a lot of concessions when it come to finding a mate (after all, many of us have pasts that wouldn't be particularly enticing to the sort of divine women this forum increasingly touts).

One of the most successful men I know (in both love and business), came from a drunken single mother that was still going home with shitty men at bars into her 50s. A broken family is certainly something to be concerned about, but I think it would be rather ridiculous to dismiss a woman before any such traits became evident and unbearable. Maybe a whole generation of men "holding out" on these women, and the poor values that raised them, would provide a relatively swift cultural reset of sorts, but that sort of collective mission will never get off the ground. Most men are not on RooshVForum, and most men are not even red pilled.

Statistically bad. But there is always exceptions to the rule. Diamonds in the mud.
I once had a short thing with a girl, that lived with her mom, her dad left them years ago. When the thing went sour, she was the most evil thing I have ever saw. Trying to hurt me in every way possible. Be careful.


My wife came from a broken family and is one of the best women I've ever met. That being said, I would say that her character is the exception as opposed to the rule.

Don't close yourself off to a woman from a broken family; however, also be aware that they are statistically more likely to make bad wives. Also, don't rush headlong into a relationship since the courtship phase is the time for you to analyze such things.