Women with insane dating standards


I don't mind cats but people who talk about their cats bore me rigid. Blame the (subset of) cat owners!

I can understand why people who can't fit their lives around a dog but like having an animal around get cats.


I am grateful for the appearance of redpill in my life because I have completely changed with women.

I am no longer stupid and manipulative, I am not a slave to pussies, I don't offer myself much. As a man, I feel like I'm a prize to be won and she needs me more than I need her.
But men in the maosphere also have surreal patterns of relationship. I don't think a submissive virgin would make me happy. I don't think that skeletal, tall women are more attractive and worth more than the one who doesn't have this type of bio Anglo model.

Analyzing a person by physical attributes, we forget the emotional and spiritual issue that works like a glue that unites two people. Look at Hollywood, all skinny, rich, enviable and successful ... lots of divorces.

The girl in the video has surreal patterns, but so do many men.

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Any reports from around the world on whether pandemic-related economic pandemonium has had an impact on women's ego? Or, constantly being cooped up all day on social media has made women even more shallow?

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