'Worst day': Water crisis deepens on California-Oregon line


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PORTLAND, Ore. — The water crisis along the California-Oregon border went from dire to catastrophic this week as federal regulators shut off irrigation water to farmers from a critical reservoir and said they would not send extra water to dying salmon downstream or to the half-dozen wildlife refuges that harbor millions of migrating birds each year.

In what is shaping up to be the worst water crisis in generations, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation said it will not release water this season into the main canal that feeds the bulk of the massive Klamath Reclamation Project, marking a first for the 114-year-old irrigation system. The agency announced last month that irrigators would get dramatically less water than usual, but a worsening drought picture means water will be completely shut off instead.

The entire region is in extreme or exceptional drought, according to federal monitoring reports, and Oregon's Klamath County is experiencing its driest year in 127 years.

“This year’s drought conditions are bringing unprecedented hardship to the communities of the Klamath Basin,” said Reclamation Deputy Commissioner Camille Calimlim Touton, calling the decision one of “historic consequence.” “Reclamation is dedicated to working with our water users, tribes and partners to get through this difficult year and developing long-term solutions for the basin.”


About 30 protesters showed up Thursday at the head gates of the main dam to protest the shut-off and ask the irrigation district to defy federal orders and divert the water. The Herald and News reported that they were with a group called People’s Rights, a far-right organization founded by anti-government activist Ammon Bundy.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and California Gov. Gavin Newsom, both Democrats, have declared drought emergencies in the region, and the Bureau of Reclamation has set aside $15 million in immediate aid for irrigators. Another $10 million will be available for drought assistance from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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It’s becoming too obvious that the entire supply chain collapse is going to be 100% manufactured and blamed on right wing extremists.

Pray for the good people of Klamath, these hard working communities deserve so much better than to be crushed and destroyed by the degenerate, satanic, federal government.
Don't worry, L'Quesha was recently hired in the Hech Hetchy Reservoir offices in San Francisco Public Utilities Department, alongside Michelle (Xe, Xer, Xim), they're the dream-team to take on White Supremacy that's causing this water crisis!!

Even Pagan Rome wasn't this bad... They kept their degenerates OUT of important positions like "maintaining Aqueducts."

(The Romans had the good sense to execute those who messed with their aqueducts, and wouldn't dream of letting barbarians over-use their water supply.)


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As usual Leftist policies causing most issues: likely on purpose for their other end goals.

Remember when California finally got out of its drought a few years ago? Yeah, well most of the rainwater wasn't stored up but flowed right into the ocean.

Notice how California has such bad fires? The environmentalist won't let forest management clean up the forests, and cut fire lanes. The politicians go along with it. I presume they even block the management on federal land.

It's painful how many fairly smart people are leftist and hold very influential positions in society, and can also lack basic common sense. But again, at what point do we break away from the notion that it's due to lack of competence and out of ignorance? At some point you just have to start concluding it's one manufactured crisis after another.