Write Your Bishop -- Reopen the Churches!

Eusebius Erasmus

Enough Black-pilling!

Let's do something.

I am imploring the men (and ladies) of this forum to write their bishops, demanding that we re-open, even if it requires non-violent civil disobedience.

Even if they don't listen to us, then at least we will have done our part. They will be judged in the eschaton, but Jesus shouldn't be asking us, "what did you do to save the children from the vaccines?" "What did you do to ensure my people could receive my Body?"

Write your bishop. Enough of this tomfoolery and complaining. Let us re-open the churches. Let's worship Christ.
My church is currently overflowing with people, and no one wears masks. But my mother recently got kicked out of another parish in the Diocese for not having a mask on while praying in an empty church with one other lady. So I definitely will write the Bishop.
In fact a good friend of mine started an initiative in our area to pressure the Bishop and clerics to reopen churches mask and vaccine-free. He somehow miraculously got an audience with the Bishop tomorrow, so I'm praying for his success!!
This is amazing. I pray for your friend's success.

Here in Canada, the police have arrested pastors for opening churches.
That's awful. They're more careful with how they go about it here, because Americans are more prone to getting "trigger happy" if they're mad at the government, if you know what I mean. They will slowly try to get us to submit based on fear, and they will entice us with benefits in order to get our compliance. We are too dependent on riches and earthly pleasure, so many will give in, I fear.


God bless all of you. I'm Greek Orthodox, and churches are closed for all services because of CV "cases". It's the Great Lent, and Easter will be at May 2nd. We've lived almost the same situation last year, where our Saviour's Ressurection was deprived from us.
If churches are open, parishioners are obliged from bishops & priests to wear masks or get fined, even denied Communion(!). And if there is a "surge in cases", get closed altogether for the parish for an indefinite period of time.
I recently started sending emails to the Diocese, and protesting. But the Archdiocese of Greece controls all Bishops & all seems very bleak for us.
Sadly, there is a great deal of apathy and secular spirit in Greek society and that takes away God's Grace from us.
Pray for us brothers...