Young Woman Buys Dream Home With Money Made from OnlyFans

Days of Broken Arrows

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I once went out to dinner with a couple who brought along a Russian girl classmate, just to round out the group. Not even a blind date, really.

Over the course of the evening we visited several establishments, had a couple drinks, and near the end the Russian girl asked if I would buy her family back in mother Russia a washer/dryer set. She went into detail about the different electrical requirements, etc.

I asked, "Why would I do that?" and she seemed surprised by the question. Never really did come up with an answer.

My friends stopped asking her to come out with them, since she never paid for anything.
Only a washer and dryer set? What about a dishwasher? Or a new patio?

I mean, if you're gonna go big, you may as well really go big. You should make her head explode by telling her something like this and leading her down the Primrose Path in life -- or whatever it's called.