Youtube Skullduggery

Grow Bag

Orthodox Inquirer
We all know Google is Satan's tool, so this shouldn't surprise anyone. The Soyanistas got together and decided they had to do something about the huge dislike to like ratio on the MSM channels that shill pandemic nonsense, BBC, Sky, CNN, etc. So they decided to turn off dislikes. As the Left always do, they lie because they are children of the father of lies, it's in their nature to lie. Lying by omission is no less a lie, even if you try to hide your motivation by making it universal. Comments still go some way to reflecting audience disdain, but no doubt they'll be working on that too.
Here's a video, but you can go see for yourselves.


Other Christian
More and more conscious people will leave Youtube for sites like BitChute, Odysee etc., and I'm glad. I used to think that YT has far too much power, but I'm using BitChute for almost all political investigation.

That being said, 90% of population will still see nothing wrong with Youtube, no matter what they do.