Zimbabwe OKs use of Ivermectin after officials' deaths


This should be all over the news, given the success of this treatment, but MSM is bought and paid for by CCP, Soros, Big Pharma. Posting this on YT, FB, or Twitter risks getting suspended. Cheap treatments are discarded in favor of vaccines, which are ineffective for some of the new strains of CV19, but will enable an ongoing billion dollar bonanza for Big Pharma. I would rather take the cheap treatments and if I catch it, have a mild disease, then have some immunity.



i have a lot of ivermectin wich i bought online. will never take the vaccine. this is as good as the vaccine without any of the side effects. soon most goverments will ban it or censor it ..

Jamal D

You can buy it as horse medicine on farm supply stores. It's a paste and pretty easy to dose. Not sure which country you're in, but the box has a picture of a horse on it and customs might let it through.
I am in Scandinavia, and the regulations are very strict here so even horses need a subscription.... I will see if there is a way to get it anyway. Thanks for the reply!